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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 9 Recap

Chen Xiaoxi has been hiding from Wu Baisong since he knew that the note was from Wu Baisong on his birthday, and Wu Baisong also knew that Chen Xiaoxi’s favorite person was Jiang Chen, so he soaked in the pool all day for training and didn’t go to class.

Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao talked about knowing that Wu Baisong liked him, but didn’t know how to face him. He was afraid that if he refused him directly, his friends would not be able to do it. Lin Jingxiao persuaded Chen Xiaoxi to be with Wu Baisong instead of chasing Jiang Chen so hard. But to Chen Xiaoxi, Wu Bosong is no better than Jiang Chen.

Because the school has leaders to inspect and organize special activities, the head teacher confirmed that Li Wei, Jiang Chen and others will participate in the debate competition. After school, Chen Xiaoxi went home with Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen wanted to discuss the debate with Li Wei, and Chen Xiaoxi had to leave disappointed. Chen Xiaoxi didn’t notice Jiang Chen secretly watching her back, and when she turned back Jiang Chen turned around pretending to be nothing. Jiang Chen’s attitude towards Chen Xiaoxi was slowly changing.

Chen Xiaoxi was very frustrated because he hadn’t gone home from school with Jiang Chen for a long time because of the debate. Lin Jingxiao gave her an idea. Since Chen Xiaoxi can’t participate in the debate but can serve tea and water for logistical purposes, she can be with Jiang Chen all the time.

After school, Chen Xiaoxi joined the debate group to discuss with Jiang Chen and the others. The topic of this debate is whether the student’s performance will affect the future, and their team will act as the opponent. Qiao Lu deliberately attacked Chen Xiaoxi and asked her to talk about her views. At this time, Li Wei wanted to express herself in front of Jiang Chen, so she helped Chen Xiaoxi express her views. Chen Xiaoxi took over and talked about Wu Baisong. Chen Xiaoxi said with a proud face that Wu Baisong was a national champion despite his poor performance.

Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi’s face full of excitement when he talked about Wu Baisong’s expressionless face, his brows suddenly frowned, and he felt an inexplicable irritability in his heart. He pulled up his schoolbag and said that he was leaving first. Chen Xiaoxi hurried after seeing this. . Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen if he was angry because he mentioned Wu Baisong. Jiang Chen said no with an uncomfortable expression.

This morning, Chen Xiaoxi woke up late again looking for socks everywhere, but the socks were not in pairs, so she put on one in a hurry and went out. After school, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen discussed records in the debate group as usual. Jiang Chen watched Chen Xiaoxi dozing off with her eyes closed and staggeringly recording. She looked very cute and couldn’t help but secretly cover her mouth and laugh. After the end, Chen Xiaoxi was going to ride home with Jiang Chen, but seeing Wu Baisong in the bicycle shed, Chen Xiaoxi ran without even riding a bicycle.

Jiang Chen caught up with Chen Xiaoxi and asked her where she wanted to go. He could take her with the excuse that he wanted to help Jiang Rui’s new car tires. Chen Xiaoxi said that he wanted to go to the riverside. Jiang Chen rode Chen Xiaoxi fast, Jiang Chen asked Chen Xiaoxi to hold on tightly, Chen Xiaoxi pulled the hem of Jiang Chen’s school uniform with both hands and pressed her face to Jiang Chen’s back. A long-lost smile greeted Jiang Chen’s face.

Coming to the riverside, Chen Xiaoxi happily rushed to the riverside and shouted “I am coming to the sea.” Jiang Chen smiled helplessly and explained that this was Jiang. The two of them were sitting on the grass by the river. Chen Xiaoxi wanted to take off his shoes to play in the water, but suddenly remembered that his socks had a hole in it, so she couldn’t take it off again. Unexpectedly at this time, Jiang Chen suddenly tore off Chen Xiaoxi’s shoes, and Chen Xiaoxi’s toes were exposed in front of them embarrassingly.

It was windy by the river, and Chen Xiaoxi suddenly sneezed, but when he saw that Jiang Chen didn’t respond, he deliberately sneezed a few more times. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen still had no reaction. Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t help saying that at this time, the decent boys would take off their coats and put them on the girls. Jiang Chen took off his jacket and handed it to Chen Xiaoxi.

Jiang Chen’s generous coat was enough to fit two Chen Xiaoxis. Chen Xiaoxi became playful and drew his arms into his clothes, leaving two empty sleeves, and then he showed it to Jiang Chen in circles triumphantly. Chen Xiaoxi’s brilliant smile made Jiang Chen unable to move his eyes and stared at him. Chen Xiaoxi called Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen realized that his face was blushing just now. He tied a knot on Chen Xiaoxi’s empty sleeve, and then fled away. .

In the evening, Chen Xiaoxi filled the bed with Wu Baisong’s gifts and determined to talk to Wu Baisong. The next day, Chen Xiaoxi came to the swimming pool to look for Wu Baisong. After seeing Wu Baisong, she was guilty and wanted to run away. Wu Baisong accidentally slipped his forehead and hit the chair, and Chen Xiaoxi sent him to the infirmary worriedly. Chen Xiaoxi took the initiative to tell Wu Baisong that she did not like him. Wu Baisong didn’t want Chen Xiaoxi to be embarrassed, so he secretly concealed his mind and deceived Chen Xiaoxi’s note is a joke. The careless Chen Xiaoxi believed what he said, and the two of them returned to the previous mode of playing and having fun.

After school, Chen Xiaoxi prepared a drink for the debate team. Qiao Lu took a bottle and took a sip but suddenly said that her stomach hurts, so she said there was a problem with the drink. Jiang Chen immediately stood up and asked everyone to send Qiao Lu to the infirmary first. Jiang Chen saw that Chen Xiaoxi was frightened and was at a loss, and firmly told her that this was not her problem. Jiang Chen’s short sentence calmed Chen Xiaoxi’s flustered heart like magic.

On the way out of school, Lu Yang encountered an old grudge Zhao Yue brought a few punks to ask him for money. At this moment, Lin Jingxiao happened to be passing by, and when she saw the drink bottle broke, she stepped forward to protect Lu Yang behind her, and frightened Zhao Yue and the others away by acting like a big sister.

Lin Jingxiao asked Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen to interrogate Lu Yang and Zhao Yue. Several people talked about the embarrassment when they were young. When it was Jiang Chen’s turn, he said that when he was a child, he drank and got drunk and went to Chen Xiaoxi’s house to sing Black Cat Sheriff for a day. After hearing this, Chen Xiaoxi yelled that she regretted not being at home. Wu Baisong looked at Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi who were looking at each other and smiling.

Lin Jingxiao secretly followed Doctor Li to the cinema. The female man Lin Jingxiao liked Doctor Li and thought it was a date. Chen Xiaoxi replaced Qiao Lu in the debate. During the competition, the opponent’s defender kept holding on to Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t answer. Jiang Chen wrote Wu Baisong’s name on the note to remind Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi answered smoothly so that the opponent’s defender was speechless and won the audience. Applause.

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