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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 6 Recap

Because of the cold words of Oolong and Jiang Chen in the drama competition, Chen Xiaoxi hid under the blanket and cried all night. When I got up in the morning, I felt listless, and I didn’t dare to face Jiang Chen when he came downstairs. Teacher Liu thought that Chen Xiaoxi fell in love early because of the content of the recording, and talked to her so that she could study at ease.

Chen Xiaoxi, who was once full of energy, became unable to do anything. He was late for class, and his homework was messy and often hit the teacher’s gun. Jiang Chen was very worried when he saw Chen Xiaoxi like this, but he didn’t show it.

The teacher asked the classmates to divide into several study groups. Lu Yang wanted to be in the group with Lin Jingxiao, so he exchanged groups with Chen Xiaoxi, so Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen were in the same group. Chen Xiaoxi would be crazy if he put it in the previous group, but Now Chen Xiaoxi is anxious to hide from Jiang Chen everywhere. In the library, Chen Xiaoxi reluctantly studied with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen offered to help her with the topic, but she did not accept it.

After Chen Xiaoxi left the library, she saw Wu Baisong who had been waiting for him. Chen Xiaoxi lost the car key, Wu Baisong said he wanted to take her home, but Chen Xiaoxi refused. On the way home, Chen Xiaoxi met Lin Xuan, who was bullied by two social youths in the same class. Chen Xiaoxi summoned the courage to rush forward to protect Lin Xuan behind her. He rose up and said to the two of them that they were their boss Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen dialed the phone. The two gangsters were bluffed by Chen Xiaoxi’s momentum, guilty of her conscience, and there was really a powerful person behind her, and ran away quickly. Jiang Chen answered the phone and said something to Chen Xiaoxi, and Chen Xiaoxi hung up.

Jiang Chen returned home and found his mother and younger brother were back. Jiang Chen’s mother was not by his side all the year round. On the surface, she was concerned about him, but in fact she didn’t care about him and even didn’t remember his milk allergy. Jiang Chen returned to the room and looked at the light in Chen Xiaoxi’s room on the opposite building, thoughtfully.

On Chen Xiaoxi’s side, Chen’s parents saw Chen Xiaoxi’s grades getting worse and wanted to transfer her to another school. When going to school in the morning, Chen Xiaoxi was frightened along the way for fear of meeting those two gangsters again. Wu Baisong appeared, and Wu Baisong said that he would become her exclusive driver in the future. Chen Xiaoxi asked Wu Baisong what to do if he transfers. When Wu Baisong heard this, he stopped the car and said anxiously that he wanted to follow Chen Xiaoxi. She would follow wherever she went.

In mathematics class, Chen Xiaoxi secretly watched Jiang Chen not attending the class seriously, and was picked up by the teacher to answer questions. When in distress, Wu Bosong stood up and said that he was going to the bathroom. The teacher’s attention was interrupted, and then Lin Jingxiao stood up to help. Chen Xiaoxi makes a relief. Lu Yang suddenly said that Jiang Chen was going to write on the blackboard, and Chen Xiaoxi escaped this time.

In the study group after school, the relationship between Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen still did not ease. Chen Xiaoxi awkwardly refused to accept Jiang Chen’s help. Jiang Chen was angry that Chen Xiaoxi said to the hind legs of Chen Xiaoxi’s class. Chen Xiaoxi immediately said that he was going to transfer school and left angrily.

Sad Chen Xiaoxi was sitting alone on the side of the road and crying, when the two gangsters appeared last time. When Chen Xiaoxi was scared, Wu Baisong rushed over on a bicycle to take her away. When the two gangsters were going to catch up, Jiang Chen appeared to stop them.

In order to comfort Chen Xiaoxi, Wu Baisong took her to the swimming pool for training and took her to play on the water. Chen Xiaoxi swept away the gloomy mood. When they were having a good time, the coach appeared to scold Wu Bosong. Wu Baisong was severely punished. Wu Baisong said that Chen Xiaoxi was his girlfriend and liked him very much. After the coach listened, he was even more furious, Wu Baisong shouted “Dad”. It turns out that Wu Baisong’s coach is also his father. His father had great expectations for Wu Baisong since he was a child and made arrangements for his life. However, Wu Baisong didn’t want his life to be only swimming.

Jiang Chen went home because of a fight with a gangster. He heard the conversation between his mother and Chen Xiaoxi’s mother and knew that Chen Xiaoxi was really going to transfer school. Jiang Chen saw the light in the opposite room of Chen Xiaoxi in the room. He was worried that Chen Xiaoxi wanted to ask her what was going on. He picked up the phone and wrote a text message but didn’t know how to say it. He wrote and deleted a few simple words. In the end, the light in Chen Xiaoxi’s room went out and his text message was not sent.

Chen Xiaoxi was asked for a parent because of homework problems, and Chen’s parents told the teacher that they would transfer Chen Xiaoxi to another school. Upon hearing the change in attitude, Liu Xinxia persuaded Chen’s parents not to allow Chen Xiaoxi to transfer. In the classroom, Jiang Chen told Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang that Chen Xiaoxi was going to transfer school, and the three of them went to Liu Qingshan to help keep Chen Xiaoxi.

Liu Qingshan told Chen’s parents that Chen Xiaoxi had her own merits, and she should not just look at her academic performance. Finally, when Chen Xiaoxi made her own decision, Jiang Chen hid outside the door and came in. Jiang Chen whispered to Chen Xiaoxi not to leave. Chen Xiaoxi’s heart settled because of Jiang Chen’s words, she decided not to transfer, and said that if her grades were in the first 15 of the class, she would not transfer.

The relationship between Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen thus changed back to the past. With the help of Jiang Chen, Chen Xiaoxi worked diligently and finally got 13 students in the class in the exam, and this transfer incident passed.

Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen and the group of five chose science together, and good friends can play together and have fun together. Chen Xiaoxi looked at Jiang Chen, and she found that no matter what problems she had with Jiang Chen, she still liked him very much and always liked him.

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