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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 5 Recap

Chenxi Middle School will host a drama competition this Friday, and the students are full of enthusiasm. In Xueyou Bookstore, Chen Xiaoxi and Li Wei enthusiastically talked about opening a bookstore in the future. On the surface, selling stationery is actually a student dating center to help students fall in love. Lin Jingxiao’s great cause of Chen Xiaoxi’s grand plan was thrown with cold water. Lin Jingxiao told Chen Xiaoxi that Li Wei asked Jiang Chen to play “Thunderstorm”, so that Chen Xiaoxi was careful not to catch Jiang Chen before he was taken away. . Chen Xiaoxi became nervous all of a sudden, Lin Jingxiao gave her an idea and asked her to look for Jiang Chen to act together in a drama.

Chen Xiaoxi immediately started to prepare, using Lin Jingxiao as a bait to bring Lu Yang, and then asked Lu Yang to find Jiang Chen to join. Chen Xiaoxi’s wishful thinking was to play Ziwei by herself and Jiang Chen to play Erkang, so the relationship between the two might advance by leaps and bounds. But the reality is that Jiang Chen directly refused to act. But how could our vitality girl, Chen Xiaoxi, give up so easily, Chen Xiaoxi started her own fierce offensive. Chen Xiaoxi went back to copy the lines every night, and then put the script in all the places Jiang Chen might come into contact with, on the door, in the bag, and pervasive.

On this day, Chen Xiaoxi was sleeping on the desk, still whispering Erkang. Jiang Chen walked over and put the script on her desk. What he saw was such a picture, the girl’s youthful face was stained with a thin layer of light. The jet-black short hair is docile in his ears. Jiang Chen unconsciously bent down and looked closer. Chen Xiaoxi slowly opened his eyes. Jiang Chen straightened up and turned his head to explain his actions just now and generally told Chen Xiaoxi not to give him scripts in the future.

Chen Xiaoxi secretly followed Lin Jingxiao and found that she pretended to have pain in her feet and went to see school doctor Li. Lin Jingxiao told Chen Xiaoxi that she went over the wall and cut her pants on the day of the sports meeting, and the doctor Li had released her shirt. Chen Xiaoxi looked envious and said that if he had such a romantic relationship with Jiang Chen, Lin Jingxiao and Chen Xiaoxi agreed to keep secrets for each other. Chen Xiaoxi thought optimistically that although Jiang Chen would not come to his group, he would not go to Li Wei’s group, and no one would get him.

On the stairs, Chen Xiaoxi saw Jiang Chen coming, and immediately entered the play Ziwei called Erkang to rush towards Jiang Chen and shouted “Is it you Erkang”, Jiang Chen turned Xiaoxi’s forehead with one hand and flashed past.

The head teacher Liu Xinxia proposed to let Li Weijiangchen, Lin Jingxiao and others form a group to participate in the drama competition. Of course, Chen Xiaoxi was not in this group. At lunch, Chen Xiaoxi looked at Jiang Chen sadly and said to him, Erkang, are you going to abandon the blind me? Wu Baisong suddenly said that he would be her eyes. Jiang Chen glanced at Wu Baisong, left the sentence “Everyone is the same” and left.

Chen Xiaoxi, Lu Yang, and Wu Baisong formed an unreliable combination to start their unique drama rehearsal of “Han Zhu Ge Ge”. Chen Xiaoxi sighed when she thought that Jiang Chen was going to play a pair with Li Wei. She thought she must rehearse and beat their group to save Jiang Chen from the water and fire.

Lu Yang’s father delivered medicine to him, but he couldn’t enter the school. Lin Jingxiao happened to pass by and helped him. Lin Jingxiao learned that Lu Yang really had a serious heart attack. She decided not to be aggressive with Lu Yang in the future, and offered to help him with the lines.

After school, Wu Baisong asked Chen Xiaoxi to speak for him because of his unfamiliar lines. Wu Baisong took Chen Xiaoxi to his grandmother’s house. Only then did Chen Xiaoxi know that Wu Baisong, who was afraid of nothing, also had an unknown family story. Wu Baisong’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and often can’t recognize people. And Wu Baisong’s relationship with his father is not good, and his father has forced him to learn swimming since he was a child, whether he likes it or not.

Chen Xiaoxi went back to the building and found Jiang Chen working at the meter with a flashlight. Jiang Chen asked her why she came back so late alone. Chen Xiaoxi said that Wu Baisong had sent her back, and Jiang Chen’s expression changed after hearing this.

When he went to school the next morning, Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong talking about the lines familiarly, and they were very close. He could not tell what was wrong with him because he felt uncomfortable.

In the library, Chen Xiaoxi wanted to get a book, but the shelf was too high, and she couldn’t get it. It happened that Jiang Chen came to help when she saw it nearby. Chen Xiaoxi was only as tall as Jiang Chen’s chest and was trapped in Jiang. Between Chen and the bookshelf. When Jiang Chen saw the title of the book “Icy Xueba Falling in Love with Me”, he put the book on the top of the shelf, and Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t get it at all.

In the primary selection of the drama competition in the class, Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong and Lu Yang’s trio of returning beads performed a hilarious and unique scene. There is no doubt that Jiang Chen and his team won the competition on behalf of the class. Chen Xiaoxi soiled her clothes because of the performance. Wu Baisong brought her a bottle of laundry detergent. Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t laugh or cry. Normal people would take a piece of clothing. Wu Baisong got up and took it immediately after hearing it. Chen Xiaoxi stopped him in time.

Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao were in charge of recording thunder for Jiang Chen’s “Thunderstorm” drama, but they forgot to turn off the recorder and accidentally recorded their conversation with Lin Jingxiao.

On the day of the drama competition, Wu Baisong really gave Chen Xiaoxi a piece of clothing because of Chen Xiaoxi’s casual remarks. When Chen Xiaoxi came to the backstage and was accidentally splashed with water, she handed the tape recorder to her classmate Lin Xuan to let her help and change her clothes. Jiang Chen also saw Chen Xiaoxi’s clothes getting wet, but he had to leave first when he was on stage.

On the stage, where thunder was supposed to be heard, the dialogue between Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao was revealed in the speakers. Chen Xiaoxi hurriedly ran to the backstage, but the screen on the stage that she accidentally ran into collapsed directly on the stage, losing a big face in front of all the students in the school.

After the performance, Jiang Chen looked for Chen Xiaoxi everywhere. He was always worried that Chen Xiaoxi was wearing wet clothes. On the stage, Jiang Chen found Chen Xiaoxi hiding behind the curtain. She buried her head in her knees and was crying. Chen Xiaoxi watched Jiang Chen whimpering with tears and called his name crying. at this time. Wu Baisong suddenly appeared. Jiang Chen saw that the clothes on Wu Baisong and Chen Xiaoxi looked like lovers’ clothes. Somehow the words that wanted to comfort Chen Xiaoxi turned into “Chen Xiaoxi, you are really embarrassed today.” Chen Xiaoxi was even more sad when she heard this.

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