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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 4 Recap

It was Jiang Chen’s birthday, Chen Xiaoxi was happy and worried, and didn’t know what gift to give Jiang Chen. Lin Jingxiao accompanies Chen Xiaoxi on a big circle in the mall, but because she has no money, she can’t find a suitable gift.

The school held a sports meeting, because the students did not actively participate, the physical education teacher offered a killer trick to the students to propose incentive measures, the prize for participating in the hurdles was a watch. Chen Xiaoxi, who was originally listless, suddenly felt energetic when he heard the watch, and had a small calculation in his heart. If he participated in the hurdle and won, he could give Jiang Chen the prize as a birthday present.

Lin Jingxiao also signed up for the hurdle. It turned out that both Lin Jingxiao and Chen Xiaoxi came for prizes. A few days ago, she received a letter from her father that he was going back to China, so she wanted to give a gift to her father, whom she had not seen for a long time. Of course she didn’t tell anyone the reason.

In the bookstore, Chen Xiaoxi looked at the comic book with relish, and the picture Jiang Chen saw when he came in was the picture of Chen Xiaoxi smiling happily. There was an inexplicable appeal in Chen Xiaoxi’s smile, and Jiang Chen didn’t feel dumbfounded. Chen Xiaoxi raised his eyes to see Jiang Chen smiling at him sweetly, Jiang Chen moved his eyes awkwardly, and picked up a book next to him. Seeing Chen Xiaoxi continue to indulge in comic books and laugh carefree, Jiang Chen’s mouth unconsciously evoked a curve.

At this time, Lin Jingxiao came over and sat beside Xiaoxi and threw her a book about hurdles. Chen Xiaoxi asked Lin Jingxiao why he had to sign up for hurdles. Lin Jingxiao said sloppyly that because of Liu Xiang, it happened that Jiang Chen was leaving the bookstore at this time, and Chen Xiaoxi’s attention was drawn away.

Jiang Chen seemed to have a magnet on his body, and Chen Xiaoxi always stuck to it unconsciously. Chen Xiaoxi approached and asked Jiang Chen what book he was holding. Jiang Chen said blankly, “Study your book.” Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t hide her smile and was shy. The next second she saw Jiang Chen’s book title “Abnormal Psychology” completely shattered her girl’s shyness.

Chen Xiaoxi was very motivated to practice hard for the hurdle competition, but she was already at the starting line compared with Lin Jingxiao. Lin Jingxiao was the hurdle, and she was “pushing the hurdle.” Wu Baisong saw Chen Xiaoxi hurdling and offered to teach him, but as a swimmer, he didn’t know anything about hurdles. But in order not to lose face in front of Chen Xiaoxi, Wu Baisong said that he should start with theoretical knowledge first, and he secretly copied the knowledge of hurdles on his arm. on. Wu Baisong accompanied Chen Xiaoxi every day to practice hurdles and was scolded by the coach for delaying swimming practice.

On this day, Lin Jingxiao was practicing in the playground. Wang Dazhuang came over and said he wanted to play with Lin Jingxiao. Wang Dazhuang accidentally tripped Lin Jingxiao and caused her to fall to the ground. The school doctor said that she had a serious foot injury and could not participate in the sports meeting.

In the evening, Chen Xiaoxi called Jiang Chen to “report” what happened to him in the past few days. Chen Xiaoxi chatted on the other end of the phone, thinking that all the fun things would be heard by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen put the phone on her pillow. Bian listened quietly, and the word “um” popped out from time to time. Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi, who grew up together, are accustomed to each other’s touch in each other’s lives, and all the little beauty of youth is quietly recorded in such a time.

Lu Yang told Chen Xiaoxi about Lin Jingxiao’s father. Given Lu Yang’s previous behavior, Chen Xiaoxi did not believe his words. Lu Yang went everywhere to find someone to participate in the competition for Lin Jingxiao, and finally found Jiang Chen and wanted him to persuade Chen Xiaoxi to help Lin Jingxiao participate in the competition. Chen Xiaoxi happened to hear the conversation between the two and learned about Lin Jingxiao’s participation in the competition for her father, so she hesitated to help Lin Jingxiao.

Lin Jingxiao told Jiang Chen that Chen Xiaoxi had participated in the competition for his birthday gift and asked Jiang Chen to help her train her. With the help of Jiang Chen, Chen Xiaoxi’s confidence increased. After a period of hard training, Chen Xiaoxi had made great progress, but his level remained at the push bar. In the end, Jiang Chen had no choice but to come up with countermeasures to let Chen Xiaoxi just hit the fence to win with speed.

At the sports meeting, with good friends cheering, Chen Xiaoxi successfully won the championship and got the watch. Chen Xiaoxi gave the watch to Lin Jingxiao, but when he opened the box, there was a pink diamond-encrusted ladies watch. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao, look at me and I look at you, and smile at each other. It can’t be realized, but all of them are unforgettable.

After the sports meeting, a class meeting was to be held, but Lin Jingxiao was going to see her father, and Jiang Chen suggested that she could go over the wall through the South Gate. Under the cover of everyone, Lin Jingxiao stepped out of the wall, but made a big cut in his pants. It just so happened that School Doctor Lin passed by and handed her the newly bought shirt to tie it up.

On the way from school, the group of five laughed and went home together. Lu Yang sent a text message to Lin Jingxiao to tell her not to be sad and wait for him to get rich and buy a watch for her father. Lin Jingxiao looked at Lu Yang who was fighting with them in the distance. She knew that although Lu Yang was timid and small, he was sincerely good to her.

On the bus, Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen why he did not ride a bike today. Jiang Chen said that his shoulder hurts. As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xiaoxi leaned over to look at his shoulder worriedly. Jiang Chen’s face was flushed unconsciously because of Chen Xiaoxi’s sudden approach, he turned his head unnaturally, and gently pushed Chen Xiaoxi’s head back with his hand. He lowered his head and saw Chen Xiaoxi’s hair on his chest, Jiang Chen licked his lips and made a curve. Some things have quietly changed between Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi over time.

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