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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 3 Recap

The squad leader of the eighth class of senior high school is vacant. Teacher Liu proposed democratic election of the squad leader. We must know that in the student days, the power of the class leader as a class leader is not small. The classmates are very active about this, but Chen Xiaoxi, who is confused, is not interested in it.

Until Chen Xiaoxi saw that her beloved Jiang Chen was still wiping the blackboard and sucking chalk dust with a cold, a joke from her friend Lin Jingxiao reminded Chen Xiaoxi that if Chen Xiaoxi became the class leader, then there was no need to arrange Jiang Chen to wipe it. The blackboard. For such a simple reason, Chen Xiaoxi had the idea of ​​being a monitor.

At lunch, Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao had lunch in a group of five. Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen why he didn’t want to be the monitor. Jiang Chen said he was troublesome. Lu Yang took the conversation and said that some of the troublemakers Chen Xiaoxi copied homework, Wu Bosong played truant, and Lin Jingxiao fought. In this case, Jiang Chen’s gang still didn’t help. As soon as the voice fell, he saw the eyes of several people around him resembling knives, and he suddenly closed his mouth with interest.

At this time, Li Wei came to Jiang Chen and asked him to help him read the speech draft of the election for the monitor. Chen Xiaoxi felt bored when he saw this. Chen Xiaoxi was unhappy and asked why she couldn’t be the monitor. Lu Yang blurted out, “You know what a fart”, and the word is not over yet. Wu Baisong throws his chopsticks on the table and looks fiercely at Lu Yang. Lu Yang knows that to provoke Chen Xiaoxi is to provoke Wu Baisong. He can’t beat him, so he has to be soft He smiled flatteringly at Chen Xiaoxi and said, “It’s you, you”.

In the afternoon class meeting, Chen Xiaoxi signed up for the squad leader election because of her unyielding enthusiasm and Jiang Chen. Chen Xiaoxi heard from her classmates talking behind her that she usually commits crimes at most and her grades are not good, and she is not qualified to be the monitor, so she withdrew in her heart. Lin Jingxiao comforted Chen Xiaoxi not to give up the election, and to show her strengths in front of Jiang Chen more, so that the two can collide with a spark of love.

Chen Xiaoxi devoted 100% of his energy to preparing his campaign speeches, whether at home or at school, practicing all the time. On the playground, Wu Baisong saw Chen Xiaoxi, who was on the verge of collapse, stepping forward to help. He asked Chen Xiaoxi to use his advantages to impress his classmates with sincerity. Chen Xiaoxi’s morale was greatly boosted and he was full of vitality again.

Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen if he would vote for her. Jiang Chen glanced at her and left only three words “What do you say”. Chen Xiaoxi thought with great joy that he and Jiang Chen were so familiar with him that he would vote for himself. During the squad leader election, Chen Xiaoxi impressed the classmates with a sincere speech and defeated Li Wei with a 15-14 vote advantage.

She could have been the squad leader and she said that Jiang Chen did not vote. It just so happened that Jiang Chen returned to the class, and Chen Xiaoxi was expecting Jiang Chen to vote for herself, but Jiang Chen voted for Li Wei. Chen Xiaoxi and Li Wei both became intern monitors with the same votes, and re-elected after seeing their performance a week later.

Chen Xiaoxi was very depressed because Jiang Chen did not choose. In the class, Li Wei and another girl satirized Chen Xiaoxi’s irresponsibility, when Lin Jingxiao was about to make her way for Xiaoxi. Wu Baisong came over to help Chen Xiaoxi out of the siege, with his arms around Chen Xiaoxi naturally. Jiang Chen saw the two of them feel very dazzling, got up and left the seat. Wu Baisong asked Jiang Chen why he didn’t vote for Chen Xiaoxi, and Jiang Chen left a sentence “She is not suitable”. Chen Xiaoxi chased him out and continued to ask him. The answer was that Li Wei was more suitable to be a monitor than her. Chen Xiaoxi kicked Jiang Chen angrily.

Chen Xiaoxi and Li Wei acted as the intern monitor together and divided into two groups to collect class fees. Since Chen Xiaoxi kicked Jiang Chen impulsively, she didn’t even dare to ask him to collect the class fee. With Lin Jingxiao’s company, Xiaoxi plucked up the courage to talk to Jiang Chen, and Li Wei also came over. Seeing Jiang Chen talking to Li Wei, Chen Xiaoxi ignored herself, angrily took the change and left. Chen Xiaoxi sorted out the class fees and then clipped the wallet into the composition.

In the afternoon, when he was about to hand in all the class fees, Chen Xiaoxi discovered that the class fees were missing. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao did not know what to do, so they had to keep the news first. Wu Baisong discovered that something was wrong with Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi casually made up a lie about her stomachache. Unexpectedly, Wu Baisong was really upset and pretended to be sick to the school doctor to get her medicine, but returned a packet of brown sugar.

At the top of the stairs, when desperate Chen Xiaoxi was thinking whether she was going to pretend to be sick or play truant, Wu Baisong appeared and gave her a packet of brown sugar and left. When Chen Xiaoxi was puzzled, Jiang Chen appeared and asked her if she had lost the class fee. Chen Xiaoxi hugged Jiang Chen’s leg and asked him for help. With Jiang Chen’s help, she recalled that she had trapped the class fee in her homework. Now the workbook has been taken away and put to the teacher, and the situation has gotten worse.

In the self-study class, Chen Xiaoxi sneaked into Teacher Liu’s office pretending to have diarrhea and wanted to get back his workbook. Seeing that Chen Xiaoxi had diarrhea, Wu Baisong sneaked away to the drugstore to buy medicine for her. Here Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang also sneaked out to the monitoring room to help Chen Xiaoxi find clues.

In the office, Chen Xiaoxi was immersed in the workbook, and Jiang Chen came to the office because he was worried about Xiaoxi. At this time, Mr. Liu and the head teacher returned to the office, and Jiang Chen used the teacher to transcribe the report as a prevarication. Chen Xiaoxi immediately pretended to be so melancholy that she had come to talk to the head teacher and escaped the disaster.

The class fee was not taken back, and Chen Xiaoxi was listless and told Lin Jingxiao that she should hide in the toilet. Jiang Chen didn’t expect this to be heard. Although Jiang Chen said on the surface that Chen Xiaoxi was not suitable to be the monitor, he secretly helped Xiaoxi get back the class fee.

When it was time to pay the class fee, Chen Xiaoxi took the initiative to say that he had lost the class fee. At this time, Jiang Chen showed up and took back the class fee to help Xiaoxi relieve the siege. However, Chen Xiaoxi decided to face her own mistakes, not wanting to let others pay for her mistakes, and voluntarily resigned from the position of monitor.

After school, on the way home with Jiang Chen, Chen Xiaoxi told him that he was indeed not suitable to be a monitor. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen actually said to her that it would be good for her to be the monitor. Chen Xiaoxi watched Jiang Chen incredibly happy, and the two went home together squabbling. After this episode, everyone is slowly changing. The friendship between friends to help each other, the courage to take on mistakes, the tolerance of being able to forgive others’ mistakes, Chen Xiaoxi may not be perfect now, but everyone is continuing. Growth, this is the beauty of youth!

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