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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 2 Recap

In the Chinese class, the teacher was explaining Long Yingtai’s “Watching”, talking about cherishing the feelings between parents and children, and arranged a composition about parents. Jiang Chen in the seat was thoughtful. It turned out that Jiang Chen’s father died when he was very young, and his mother took his young brother to work in the field. Jiang Chen usually lives alone. With parents and children, Jiang Chen, who is always excellent, also has incomplete family defects.

After class, Chen Xiaoxi, who has always been very sensitive to Jiang Chen’s every move, talked about Jiang Chen’s fault with his good friend Lin Jingxiao, saying that he was unhappy and said nothing. Lin Jingxiao disagrees that it is normal for Jiang Chen, who has always been cold and cold, to talk less. When the topic changed, Chen Xiaoxi asked Lin Jingxiao about the owner of Chunchun Bar. Lin Jingxiao, who is also a loyal fan of Li Yuchun, described the spectacular number of fans of Chunchun Bar to Chen Xiaoxi. If he becomes the owner of the Little Bar. That’s one person below ten thousand people.

After Chen Xiaoxi heard this, her face was full of longing, and Lin Jingxiao saw her face full of idiots and teased that she only had the lives of ordinary people. Who thought, Chen Xiaoxi proudly said that she was selected as the owner of the small bar, and showed her the notification message. The girl fetching water next to them heard the conversation between the two of them and surrounded her, knowing that Xiaoxi’s attitude towards her had changed drastically after she became a bar master, and rushed to help her fetch water. Lin Jingxiao saw that these little girls wanted to let Chen Xiaoxi, who became the master of the bar, help, and hurriedly hooked Chen Xiaoxi’s neck and took her away.

At noon, Lin Jingxiao and Chen Xiaoxi talked about the right to be the owner of a small bar, so those girls came to cheat her. At this time, Lu Yang, Wu Baisong, and Jiang Chen came to sit and eat together. Lu Yang invited Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong to go to the Internet cafe. See him “marry”. When Xiaoxi heard the word “marriage”, she was surprised that the food in her mouth came out. It turned out that this “marriage” was just a marriage in the game. Lu Yang saw that Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong both rejected him, saying that if they went there, they would give it to a wife. Hearing this, Chen Xiaoxi was not happy.

After school, Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong went down to the Internet cafe under the threats of Lu Yang, and Chen Xiaoxi also followed them with Lin Jingxiao secretly. After confirming that Jiang Chen did not have a “daughter-in-law”, Chen Xiaoxi settled down. Wu Baisong invited Chen Xiaoxi to watch his swimming competition, and Chen Xiaoxi agreed.

Jiang Chen, who was sitting next to him, saw Chen Xiaoxi chatting with Wu Baisong happily, and something strange flashed in his heart. Chen Xiaoxi knew from the QQ memo that a few days later it was Jiang Chen’s father’s death, and understood why Jiang Chen was unhappy, thinking that he must comfort him and take care of him today.

The school director Zhang Shiliang came to the Internet cafe suddenly, and Chen Xiaoxi and the group of five hurriedly ran away. At the entrance of the Internet cafe, Chen Xiaoxi’s bicycle was gone, and Wu Baisong asked Chen Xiaoxi to sit in his back seat in a hurry. On the road, Wu Baisong and Chen Xiaoxi fell to the ground with his car in order to avoid pedestrians. Wu Baisong protected Chen Xiaoxi with his arms.

The Chen family’s parents are good friends with Jiang Chen’s parents, and the Chen family also takes the initiative to help take care of Jiang Chen. A few days later, Jiang Chen’s father’s death will be celebrated, and Jiang Chen’s mother will come back from other places for a few days. Chen Xiaoxi offered to her parents to help Jiang Chen prepare something for her mother.

That day, Chen Xiaoxi woke up early and wanted to go to school with Jiang Chen, but came downstairs and found that Jiang Chen’s bicycle was no longer there.

In the Chinese class, Chen Xiaoxi offered to help Jiang Chen read his composition “My Father”. Then she knew that Jiang Chen, who was usually cold to others, actually had a pain about her father in her heart, but she just didn’t want to show her fragility. . Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen to go to her house for dinner, but Jiang Chen left after school. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao went shopping for Jiang Chen’s mother. Chen Xiaoxi told Lin Jingxiao why she liked Jiang Chen.

The day when Jiang Chen’s mother came back collided with the time of Chunchun Bar. Chen Xiaoxi was fired from the post as the owner of the bar because of time issues. After school, Chen Xiaoxi met the two girls who had asked her for help before. When she was in distress, Wu Baisong passed by and rescued her. Wu Baisong invited Xiaoxi to watch his swimming competition tomorrow, and Xiaoxi agreed.

On the second day of the game, Wu Baisong injured his shoulder when he fell with Chen Xiaoxi last time, causing the game to play abnormally. He was usually the champion and only got second this time. Wu Baisong’s originally depressed mood became clear after hearing Chen Xiaoxi’s vigorous cheering. Chen Xiaoxi, a carefree girl, even wrote his name incorrectly. In order to comfort Wu Baisong, Chen Xiaoxi invited him to a big meal. Wu Baisong kept looking at Chen Xiaoxi, and he liked this cute girl even more. Wu Baisong insisted on asking Chen Xiaoxi to give him the support card with her wrong name and also exchanged her own medals, but Chen Xiaoxi had to agree to the exchange. Chen Xiaoxi left early because he was worried about Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was at home to prepare for his mother’s return. At this time, his mother sent a text message to tell Jiang Chen that she would not come back because of his brother’s illness. Jiang Chen felt very uncomfortable. Chen Xiaoxi rushed to Jiang Chen’s house and stuffed him all the big and small bags she bought. Jiang Chen, who was in a bad mood, was very indifferent to Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi angrily accused Jiang Chen of never understanding how others treat him well, and Jiang Chen pushed Chen Xiaoxi out of the house without any explanation.

In the evening, Chen Xiaoxi learned from her parents that Jiang Chen’s mother had not come back, and then realized that Jiang Chen’s indifference to him was because of a bad mood. After eating, she came to Jiang Chen’s house and found Jiang Chen lying on the sofa with his hair hot. Not knowing what to do, Chen Xiaoxi used the dumbest method to wrap Jiang Chen in a thick layer of quilt clothes, and stayed with him until late at night. After Jiang Chen woke up, he found the property notice on the table and understood that Chen Xiaoxi came to take care of him.

Jiang Chen got up and went out to the small shop where he used to eat noodles with his father. Recalling the time with his father before, he seemed to truly understand that parent and child is a short journey. One day they will leave. What we do is to cherish the present.

The next day, Chen Xiaoxi went downstairs to school and was surprised to find that Jiang Chen was actually waiting for her downstairs. Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen if he could sit in his back seat. Jiang Chen said no, but the next second he untied his schoolbag and put it down. Chen Xiaoxi’s hands. Chen Xiaoxi immediately understood, and smiled and took the schoolbag and jumped into the back seat. The morning light is faint, the young girls are coated with a warm halo by the morning light, everything is so beautiful!

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