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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 1 Recap

The sun is shining and the time is right. The beautiful and playful short-haired girl by the window is drawing her own world. Her name is Chen Xiaoxi. The most important thing in life is painting, and Jiang Chen when she was sixteen.

The main road of Chenxi Middle School was full of fallen leaves, and Jiang Chen, who was lanky and tall, was sweeping the floor seriously. How could Chen Xiaoxi be missing at this time? She slowly moved to the side of Jiang Chen with the broom. Recently, it is another junior high school, and now the senior high school is another class. This is what Chen Xiaoxi calls “a gift from heaven.”

She glanced left and right, and after giving herself enough courage, she moved to the side of Jiang Chen “I like you”! Jiang Chen seemed to have heard too many such confessions, and calmly replied “I don’t like you”. Chen Xiaoxi rolled her eyes twice, as if she knew the answer in advance, “Then, I will think of a way”, and he just pulled the broom. run. The 16-year-old Chen Xiaoxi is really brave.

When I arrived at school early in the morning, Chen Xiaoxi was discussing novels with the boy Lu Yang at the back desk, and the disappointing class members came to collect the papers. Naturally, girls like Chen Xiaoxi who do not like to study would not do their homework obediently, and grabbed the back desk. Boys’ papers are just copying. I suddenly remembered what I arrived on Baidu last night.

I have to leave a good impression. Of course, I can’t reveal the nature of my scumbag. “The papers are pretty simple.” I want to show off my studies during class. Chen talked about the exam papers, and the result was of course that the stupid Chen Xiaoxi was exposed by Jiang Chen on the spot, and the sample essay and exam composition questions were mixed up.

I was criticized by the teacher in front of all the classmates in the class, and compared myself with Jiang Chen. It seems that this perfect image cannot be built. At the naughty age of sixteen, it is not so easy to be defeated. “Teacher, I understand, I want to follow Jiang Chen.” At that time, Chen Xiaoxi was thinking of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is tall, handsome and handsome, and his grades are always the first. Just when school started, some girls used study as an excuse to come over to strike up a conversation. Chen Xiaoxi saw that she was helpless, and she was even more lonely after hearing Lu Yang say her face was big. People walked out of the classroom silently.

But there are other ways, Chen Xiaoxi continues to go home to Baidu, next goal: gentle and considerate. So every morning she took breakfast and waited for Jiang Chen, steamed buns, and fried dough sticks. At the first seven days of a month, Chen Xiaoxi had been late five times because of waiting for Jiang Chen. But it couldn’t stop her from chasing the male god. Chen Xiaoxi, who was inspired by the Chinese class, prepared the next battle plan-love letter.

Chen Xiaoxi’s composition level is impossible to write a love letter on his own. At this time, it reflects the role of Lu Yang, a boy at the back table. Lu Yang and Chen Xiaoxi made a small deal. Chen Xiaoxi helped him send a love letter, and he taught Chen Xiaoxi wrote a love letter. Of course, the newly written love letter must come in handy. On the way home, she memorized it to Jiang Chen, but was told that it was the lyrics. I had no choice but to ask others for help and re-written Feng’s domineering love letter.

The next morning, Chen Xiaoxi memorized her newly written love letter in a small corner of the school, and practiced her facial expressions by the way, “If you don’t agree to me, I have a hundred ways to make you unable to stay in this school.” This is silly The girl didn’t notice a boy coming from behind, “Society?” Chen Xiaoxi finally gave a domineering look, “So, don’t mess with me!” Then she thought about her love letter.

In English class, Chen Xiaoxi was ordered to silently write words on the blackboard. Of course, she couldn’t write silently. Suddenly a voice “I know this” came out from the door, and the teacher “You are the new Wu Baisong”, “Yes, It’s under.” Ah, what a coincidence, this is the boy who heard Chen Xiaoxi’s love letter, because the teacher was very dissatisfied with the lateness and was asked to go to the blackboard to dictate.

Chen Xiaoxi finally plucked up the courage and stuffed the love letter she wrote into Jiang Jiangchen’s schoolbag. Chen Xiaoxi helped Lu Yang to send the love letter to her senior year in high school, but the love letter was snatched by a boy and read it out in public. Of course, a stubborn girl like Chen Xiaoxi is noisy. I was arguing to help Lu Yang get the love letter back, and just like that, two seniors in high school and a group of seniors quarreled.

One is a classmate who likes Lu Yang, and the other is Wu Baisong, a freshman who has just recognized Chen Xiaoxi as her eldest brother. The two sang together, and the boy who read the love letter in high school was speechless. Jiang Chen heard Chen Xiaoxi’s troubles, and always silence was golden. He even leaned forward and dispersed everyone with a sentence of “Zhang Shiliang is here”. High school, after all, was still afraid of the teacher. After all, Jiang Chen at that time actually protected Chen Xiaoxi a little bit.

Just entering the first year of high school, he created a grade conflict. This incident has already alarmed the dean. He rushed into the class and asked Lu Yang to take out the remaining love letters. Naturally, Chen Xiaoxi was involved, because the remaining love letters belonged to Chen Xiaoxi. Ah, the dean of teaching took apart the love letters and read them one by one in front of the whole class.

The careless Chen Xiaoxi mistakenly stuffed Lu Yang’s writing to Jiang Chen and handed it to the dean of teaching. Seeing that the dean of teaching was about to read the love letter written by Chen Xiaoxi, Wu Baisong stood up, “Teacher, the love letter is personal privacy, right?” Jiang Chen suddenly understood what was going on, and stood up “Teacher…”

The instructor slapped the table angrily, “A thousand words review!”, so a few people gathered together to write a review, and they were quite content. The three boys went to the Internet cafe to play games together and became brothers like boys.

While cheering for Li Yuchun together, Chen Xiaoxi used her outstanding drawing skills to help the girls in the same class who had quarreled with him last time. He drew a banner by herself. Chen Xiaoxi was really amazing. The two girls were also in trouble twice. Naturally, I got a lot closer. After the review incident, Jiang Chen was no longer so cold towards Chen Xiaoxi, and Chen Xiaoxi, who had been waiting for countless mornings, finally waited for Jiang Chen.

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