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Season Love 何所冬暖何所夏凉 Episode 42 Recap

Jian Zhenlin was still in a coma, An Jie was getting thinner, and the nurse couldn’t see the past and advised An Zhen to pay attention to his body, and comforted that Jian Zhenlin still hoped that he could recover. An Zhen was very happy after listening. At this time, Shen Qingyu came in with a flower but was stopped by the leaving nurse, so she argued with the nurse. Fortunately, An Jie resolved in time before Shen Qingyu was able to come in. After Shen Qingyu came in, he said sorry to Jian Zhenlin in a coma, which made An Jie very speechless.

Yang Kai picked up his cell phone to avoid Cheng Jing’s ongoing phone calls, which made Cheng Jing unable to resist and became suspicious. Cheng Jing expressed uncertainty to Yang Kai about their love. Yang Kai knew that Cheng Jing was not confident in himself. He only said to let time prove everything. Then he surrendered his mobile phone for Cheng Jing to check, and told Cheng Jing that he was busy In the company, Cheng Jing saw Yang Kai really turned back, and finally suspended his heart. Ye Lin rushed to Xi Xichen to settle the account, accusing him of violating his promise and not treating An Jie well. Xi Xichen was very dissatisfied with Ye Lin’s reckless behavior and insisted that he should not be in charge. Ye Lin saw that Xi Xichen was like this and couldn’t help but shot Xi Xichen, and at this time Lulu received a call, anxiously shouting that something was wrong, Ye Linru was struck by thunder, and immediately rushed with Lulu .

Ye Lin rushed to the hospital in a hurry. The little kidney source has not been found, but the doctor told the little illness that he needed to have an operation immediately, otherwise he would lose his life and could not help thinking. But Ye Lin had no choice but to wait anxiously outside the operating room, crying but not herself.

Shen Qingyu graciously thanked An Jie, and let An Jie always look forward to herself no matter what happened. An Jie hated Shen Qingyu’s false corner of the mouth and choked back to say that Jian Zhenlin was not dead yet. Shen Qingyu thought she was wrong and busy. apologize. At this time, Chen Qijun called and said to give Shen Qingyu a free value-added news. After listening, Shen Qingyu hung up the phone in doubt. Shen Qingyu still wanted to ask An Jie for the shares in her hand, but she was interrupted by An Jie before she even opened her mouth. An Zhen insisted that she would never give the shares to her.

Park Zheng came to Jiazhen for dinner, but Jiazhen didn’t appreciate it and turned to go, but didn’t expect to twist her feet. Piao Zheng immediately picked up Jiazhen to send her home, but Jiazhen had been struggling, so Park Zheng went out to fight Jiazhen. Jia Zhen froze for a moment, and then shouted impolitely unwillingly. In order to block Jia Zhen’s mouth, Park Zheng kissed Jia Zhen fiercely.

Jiazhen was suddenly kissed, shy and speechless. Park Zheng gently moved her head close to Jiazhen. He asked Jiazhen to forgive herself softly. Jiazhen’s last line of defense had been completely broken by Park Zheng’s kiss. She nodded and promised to forgive him. . Piao Zheng sent Jiazhen downstairs. Jiazhen said delicately that Park Zheng should be responsible for herself. Park Zheng looked at Jiazhen affectionately and agreed without hesitation. Jiazhen saw Puzheng being so refreshing and couldn’t help but stunned, and Puzheng did not speak, gently hugged Jiazhen’s head, and gently printed a kiss on Jiazhen’s forehead to show his sincerity.

Chen Qijun told Shen Qingyu the relationship between Xi Xichen and An Jie. Shen Qingyu later realized that she hated the two more. With this news, Chen Qijun proposed to cooperate with Shen Qingyu to defeat Xi Xichen, and implied that Shen Qingyu could attack An Jie to defeat Xi Xichen. Shen Qingyu felt the evil light in her eyes.

An Jie sat haggardly and thoughtfully sitting outside the hospital, holding a mobile phone and looking forward to Xi Xichen’s call. When I was feeling more and more sad, the hospital called Anzhen to tell Jian Zhenlin that she was awake, and Anzhen wept with joy. An Jiegang returned to the ward with excitement, and Shen Qingyu immediately left the bathroom deliberately. In this short period of time, Shen Qingyu’s mobile phone suddenly lighted up, and An Jie accidentally saw the chat history of Shen Qingyu and Xi Xichen. The content of the chat record is that Xi Xichen agreed to Shen Qingyu to deliberately approach An Jie, let An Jie fall in love with him, and the two discussed to divide up the Jane’s group.

An Jie believed that the chat record was true, and was greatly stimulated. She was speechless for a while. At this time, Shen Qingyu came out and said that she and Jian Zhenlin wanted to make An Jie marry Chen Qijun for the sake of An Jie. An Jiegang learned that he was deceived by Xi Xichen, and now he was told that his father would still sacrifice his own happiness in exchange for greater benefits. Tears came out of his eyes, angrily accusing the two of their disgusting actions, and desperately grieved and criticized his character Defective and disabled in the right hand, Jian Zhenlin does not understand and care about himself, but also interferes with his future.

Shen Qingyu tried to persuade An Jie, and once again hypocritically showed off her family, but An Jie said that she was no longer the weak Jian An Jie before, letting others be at the mercy of her, and then desperately announcing her relationship with Jian Zhenlin and the Jian family. While watching her daughter misunderstand herself and was hurt by this vicious woman, Shen Qingyu, Jian Zhenlin, who was so sick that she couldn’t speak, shed tears of pain in her bed, but her shaking hands wanted to keep Anzhen’s hand only like a dead branch. Helpless and desperate, he was lifted and depressed.

Ye Lin was worried about the little illness, and at this time Ya Li came over to show her successful report of matching with the little kidney. Although Ye Lin was happy, she still couldn’t bear it, saying that it was unnecessary for Ya Li to do this, but Ya Li offered to let Ye Lin marry herself. Only after the two were married, Ya Li could donate a kidney to Xiao Xiao, Ye Lin looked With a determined Ya Li, and thought of her dying sister, she couldn’t help but shake.

On the other side, Park Zheng sent Jiazhen to work. Park Zheng asked Jiazhen for a kiss. Jiazhen then sweetly offered a sweet kiss.

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