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Season Love 何所冬暖何所夏凉 Episode 41 Recap

An Jie wanted to speak with Jian Zhenlin alone, and Park Zheng left Jia Zhen ’s house. On the other side, Xi Xichen cooperated with the government to directly establish a subway, elevated, and tunnel parallel hub. The land in the middle of the subway complex project was set as a trap for Chen Qijun. Prior to this, the land was deliberately bought in the name of another company, and then it was deliberately resold at three times the market price. Give it to Mai Gu.

After learning the truth, Chen Qijun desperately needed to resell the land, so Yali deliberately bought a large number of first-hand owner stocks in order to set a trap and make a false impression to confuse Shen Qingyu. Shen Qingyu, who was determined to regain her rights, didn’t know what to do. She came to Chen Qijun to buy the land at a high price. Chen Qijun deliberately embarrassed, forced Shen Qingyu to buy the land at a price five times higher than the original price.

Xi Xichen, because of Ye Lin, couldn’t help thinking, and was very anxious. Nian Yi understands Xi Xichen’s thoughts, and comforts and does not need to worry, saying that it is only his unfounded worry. Although Xi Xichen expected that Chen Qijun would design Shen Qingyu in order to change hands, he did not expect that Shen Qingyu jumped into the trap without doubt. He couldn’t help feeling that Shen Qingyu was anxious to be auspicious, Xi Xichen also understood that the real war started .

An Zhen was waiting for Jian Zhenlin day and night. In these worrying and sad days, An Jie kept thinking about the moments when Jian Zhenlin got along with herself, only to find that in those times she always spoke coldly to Jian Zhenlin because of the resentment in her heart. She never thought of Jian Zhenlin because of her Indifference is actually painful and sad. An Jie regretted not much, and said in tears his regret and love for Jian Zhenlin.

Xi Xichen specially invited An Zhen to explain everything to make An Zhen feel at ease, but at this time Nian Yi told Xi Xichen that Shen Qingyu also had contact with the bank, reminding him to hurry to cut Hu Shenqingyu. Xi Xichen hesitated for a while and finally decided to rush to the bank office.

An Jie had been waiting for Xi Xichen. Unexpectedly, he became more and more disappointed, and finally fell asleep in bed late at night. Xi Xichen hurried to the hospital after finishing the matter. When An Jie was asleep, she did not go in to disturb, but left the flower at the door. However, the next morning, the flowers were taken away by the nurses, so An Jie did not see the flowers, so he did not know that Xi Xichen had been here.

On the other side, Jia Zhen met Yang Kai and Cheng Jing on the way to dinner with colleagues. Cheng Jing warmly invited Jia Zhen to drink his wedding wine, and said that he and Yang Kai really wanted to get married this time. Jiazhen disdains Cheng Jing, a woman who worships money from time to time, grumbles and refuses to believe, but at this time, Cheng Jing and Jia Zhen explain that they are nothing with Park Zheng. Jia Zhen heard Cheng Jing’s explanation, and she also thought Gradually, he was not so angry with Park Zheng.

Shen Qingyu learned that she was designed by Chen Qijun, but she was very angry but was helpless. Shengmei now faces a shortage of funds, but Shen Qingyu still refuses to let go of it and decides to use her identity as a charity ambassador to fight with Xi Xichen. Shen Qingyu tried to use his network to move around as much as possible. He also tried to persuade other shareholders of the Jane Group to deal with Xi Xichen, and then not only did not get the support of shareholders, but also became corrupted because he did not visit her husband coldly. Shen Qingyu was the end of the crossbow, but he still refused to lose. In order to restore his reputation, he came to the hospital to visit Jian Zhenlin.

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