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Season Love 何所冬暖何所夏凉 Episode 40 Recap

An Jie was so depressed that she could not eat for several days because she was worried about Jian Zhenlin. Mother Lin was very worried about An Jie. She always persuaded An Jie to have a meal and rest. An Jie learned from Lin Ma ’s mouth that Shen Qingyu had never visited Jian Zhenlin once.

Yang Kai took Cheng Jing to look at the building where Pu Zheng worked. When he saw that Pu Zheng came out and sent it to the client, he deliberately intimate with Cheng Jing in front of Pu Zheng. He also said that Cheng Jing was a shameless woman. Without a shot, he punched Yang Kai. The two of them fought at the door of the company. Afterwards, Park Zheng was dismissed as manager because of the fight.

The news of Yier ’s acquisition of Jane ’s has been widely reported in the news. Nian Yi worried that An Zhen would misunderstand Xi Xichen, but Xi Xichen thought that An Jie would believe in himself. Give An Jie to avoid misunderstanding. Xi Xichen listened to Nian Yi’s suggestion. Although he took out his mobile phone, he was still afraid to dial it out.

At this time, An Jie repeatedly called Xi Xichen’s phone, but every time he received a response from the shutdown, this made An Jie more and more uneasy. Ye Lin also learned that Jane was acquired by Yier, and quickly found An Zhen to ask her about the situation of Jian Zhenlin. An Jie sadly told Ye Lin that Jian Zhenlin had advanced pancreatic cancer, and then she couldn’t help crying in fear. . Ye Lin persuaded An Jie to go to the company to find Xi Xichen to ask clearly, but then An Jie said he would not dare to go. Ye Lin quickly comforted An Jie, saying Xi Xichen was not such a tasteless person. An Jie sees Ye Lin also speaks for Xi Xichen, and feels a lot in her heart. At this time, An Jie still believes in Xi Xichen, so she can only wait for Xi Xichen to come over and explain to her.

Shen Qingyu asked Mr. Xu for the plan and plans, but Mr. Xu said that Xi Xichen explained that all the plans and plans should be handed over to the directors. He also said that the matter was to be kept confidential and that The business of the group is given to Dong Dong. After listening to it, Shen Qingyu hurriedly called Xi Xichen, only to find that she could not get through. Shen Qingyu couldn’t get in touch with Xi Xichen, so he went anxiously to Jian Zhenlin’s office, but was told that this office was already owned by Dong. Shen Qingyu realized that something was wrong, and then it was reflected that he was bitten by Xi Xichen, so he said he wanted to keep one more hand.

Xi Xichen came to see Jian Zhenlin deliberately, but saw Ye Lin and An Jie and Le Rongrong in the doorway, so she left jealously. Xi Xichen left the hospital in a lost state. Nian Yi rushed over and told Xi Xichen that Shen Qingyu was meeting with the director’s son Yu Wenyi. Xi Xichen heard Shen Qingyu hooked and hurried to the director’s office. Shen Qingyu threatened Shen Qingyu with the help of Wenyi and Jane’s project account book as a threat. At this time, Yu Dongqi appeared calmly and told Shen Qingyu that all the projects signed by Wenyi were instructed by Xi Xichen.

Shen Qingyu threatened the directors to no avail and was so angry that her nose was smoking. She called Xi Xichen unsuccessfully, so she called Nian Yi, saying that Xi Xichen could avoid the fifteenth day of the first day, and finally threatened her fiercely that she could take Xi Xichen up or let him fall down. Nian Yi worried that Shen Qingyu would not be willing to be an executive director and would jump off the wall. However, Xi Xichen said confidently that he wanted to force Shen Qingyu to reveal the fox’s tail, and then defeat it in one fell swoop.

Park Zheng learned from Ye Lin’s mouth that the so-called gold master was Jiazhen’s father and knew that he had blamed Jiazhen for himself. On the second day, when he visited An Jie, Park Zheng was surprised to meet Jiazhen who had just come to the hospital, so he desperately apologized to Jiazhen. Jia Zhen still ignores Park Zheng, and Park Zheng naively talks to Jia Zhen in order to attract Jia Zhen’s attention. Jia Zhen then quarrels with Park Zheng. At this time, the comatose Jian Zhenlin suddenly breathed quickly, and the doctor hurried over in time, An Jie crying worriedly outside the door.

Ye Lin came to Xi Xichen in a hurry, but did not expect to be told that Xi Xichen was not there. She wanted to break in again, but met Lin Min who also came to Xi Xichen. Ye Lin mocked Lin Min and offered diligence as soon as he caught the opportunity. Lin Min also mocked Ye Lin and paid tribute to An Jie. Ye Lin was impulsive and irritable. He was very unhappy with Lin Min’s false smile and warned Lin Minli fiercely An Zhen left after a long distance.

An Jie was informed by the doctor that Jian Zhenlin’s situation was not optimistic, and she was also prepared for the future of Jian Zhenlin. An Jie felt that she was about to collapse.

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