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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 24 End Recap

The chimney fell to the ground, and rubble fell all over the sky. After the smoke and dust, Ding Mao Xiao Lanlan fainted to the ground covered in dust. Ding Mao woke up from the noise and shouted that Xiao Lanlan could not wake up, but was startled by the fish next to her. If there is no Yusi’s guardianship, I am afraid that both of them would have died. The steel bar penetrated Yusi’s belly, his mouth full of blood, and he used his body to block the boulder that hit Ding Mao Xiao Lanlan.

Ding Mao cried like a tearful person, and Xiao Lanlan, who woke up, pushed the boulder together. The fish left uneasy. He knew the gratitude to repay him. Without the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, he would not have himself. Now he has returned his life to the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, and he is considered dead.

The smoke tower fell, and the underground cave was exposed. Guo Deyou followed Lian Huaqing to find the source of the evil water, followed by Ding Mao Xiao Lanlan. The road was difficult and the dark and damp underground stone caves. The two went around. First they encountered the stone wall mechanism being resolved by Xiao Lanlan, and then Xiao Lanlan stepped on the air and almost fell into the cliff. Fortunately, Ding Mao pulled her back in time, and after some struggle, she dragged Xiao Lanlan ashore. The completely infected Xiao San stopped halfway again. Lian Huaqing planted the insects that control the living corpse in his body, and poured Mogu Dao blood into his body.

At this time, Xiao Sanye had become half-human and half-beast. The remaining consciousness in his mind flickered, and Ding Mao vomited blood, and when he pinched Xiao Lanlan’s neck, his eyes also shed tears. After knocking down the huge stone statue, Xiao San couldn’t move under the stone statue. Ding Mao took Xiao Lanlan away and hurried to the source of evil water on Mogu Road to find Guo Deyou. The most unexpected thing is that the old river god Guo Chun finally appeared. He also brought Gu Ying who was temporarily blind after drinking the poison. He told Gu Ying that Guo Deyou was not a sage boy at all. He also contracted the disease when he was a child. It was only Guo Chunyin who mismatched the medicine to make Guo Deyou live until now.

Moreover, Gu Ying was also a girl brought back by Guo Chun. The old man couldn’t bring the girl, so he handed Gu Ying to Granny Zhang to raise her. It has been quite a while since Lianhua Qing general Guo Deyou brought the source of the evil water. The source of the evil water does not belong to any branch of the Haihe River, but exists independently.

In the water that is the source of the evil water, there are viruses that make people sick. And Lian Huaqing’s purpose is to detonate the water bomb hidden in the source of evil water, so that the water from the source of evil water can flow into the Haihe River, so that all the people in Tianjin Wei will be infected, thereby strengthening the Mogu Road.

How could Guo De agree? The reason why he met Lian Huaqing as a saint was to know the ultimate goal of Lian Huaqing. Ding Mao, Xiao Lanlan and Gu Ying, the three of them arrived back and forth. With the last remnant of Mogu Dao, Lian Huaqing made the last fight, Xiao San, who was caught under the stone statue, broke free and rushed to help Lian Huaqing.

In order to save Guo Deyou, Gu Ying was pierced by Xiao San’s iron claw on his shoulder, and his blood soaked Guo Deyou’s clothes. He took the knife from Ding Mao and pierced Xiao San’s throat to kill him. Lian Huaqing fell to the ground by Ding Mao. Guo De cares about the lives of the people in Tianjin, and asks Ding Mao to take good care of him.

Opened his arms, he fell back in the current of the source of evil water, accompanied by Gu Ying, endured the pain and jumped in together. At the last moment, the love of the two was open, and Guo Deyou Gu Ying kissed in the water. Pushing Gu Ying away, he swam to the depths of the water alone, found the bomb, closed his eyes, Guo Deyou risked his death and pulled out a wire in the bomb. Can the power of Mogu Dao be completely wiped out, will the water of the source of evil water leak out, and where has the old river god gone? All this is a mystery after all.

The end

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