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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 23 Recap

The small river god Guo Deyou was hypnotized by the little god, and fell into the high current of this person with Gu Ying. Despite Gu Yingsi’s hysterical roar, Guo Deyou also didn’t know it. Suddenly fell into the illusion of lighting a cigarette and arguing for grievances, Guo Deyou and the little gods are in it. Staggering back a few steps, he bumped into the bronze statue of Xuanwu God.

I was also dressed in Ding Mao’s clothes. Ding Yiqiu, the president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, was sitting on the bronze statue with a smirk. After a while, she changed into the dress of a goddess, holding a wooden sword, but the little fairy was gone. Various roles were realized one by one in Guo Deyou according to the hypnosis of the little fairy.

Lian Huaqing appeared in the illusion again, holding a dagger in his hand, and Guo Deyou was also stabbed in the abdomen. The blood was flowing, and he suddenly fell into the wooden barrel. The water in the barrel rose slowly. Guo De held his breath and plunged into the blood. The old river god Guo Chun’s thoughts were not cleared, and a few secret words reminded Guo Deyou. Guo Deyou is born to be a person who feeds on water. He has no abilities on the shore, but in the water, no one can help him.

A fierce spirit rushed out of the water, and Guo Deyi dragged the little fairy into the water. The bottom of the water is Guo Deyou’s world, how could the little god expect Guo Deyou to break through his hypnosis with his thoughts. The two fought hard in the water, snatching the key from the little fairy’s wrist, and tied him to the underwater escalator. Dragging Gu Ying into the dungeon, Guo Deyou fell to the ground panting with exhaustion.

With a few mouthfuls of water, even if the little fairy has great abilities on the shore, he still has to obey when he gets into the water. At night, Xiao Lanlan was held hostage on the streets of Tianjin Wei. After a few screams, he settled, and it was Xiao San who held Xiao Lanlan. His face now is scary, and he was tossed by Lian Huaqing.

He warned Xiao Lanlan not to believe in Guo Deyou, he had changed from a river god to a river monster. Guo Deyou sent Gu Ying back to the Longwang Temple, leaving a farewell letter, and returned to the noodle shop to eat the last bowl of noodles, but was found by Gu Ying after waking up. Gu Ying’s poison was forced to prevent Guo Deyou from leaving.

In order to wipe out the Mogu Dao, he had nothing to worry about. Watching Gu Ying drink the black bottle of poison with his own eyes, his eyes bleed, and he fell to the ground and roared Guo Deyou’s name, but Guo Deyou left without looking back. Early the next morning, Tianjin Wei posted wanted warrants everywhere. Secretary-General Xiao broke the contract and Guo Deyou’s identity as a child prodigy had been exposed.

He wants to get rid of Guo Deyi. Ding Mao swears to protect Guo Deyou, a brother who lives and dies, how can he stand idly by. Pay homage to the late father, and take all the thugs from the Water Transport Association to the secret base of Mogu Road. Xiao Lanlan betrayed his father for Ding Mao, and followed Ding Mao. Lian Huaqing had already sent manpower to intercept it halfway, Yu Si led everyone to block, and Ding Mao Xiao Lanlan chose the way to track it. The tallest smoke tower of Tianjin Guard burst suddenly, and rubble fell all over the sky. Ding Mao protected Xiao Lanlan under his body. Can the two of them escape this disaster?

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