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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 22 Recap

Guo Deyou went to the appointment alone, but met a little fairy in the drama tube. The audience who sang in a play applauded again and again, and with a clap, the crowd of guests stopped moving. Only Guo Deyou can walk through this crowd. The little god is here, telling what happened twenty years ago. He even pointed out directly that one of the three saint children found by Mogu Dao was taken away by Guo Chun. Guo Deyou was astonished, isn’t one of the saints talking about himself.

There was another gong and drum, and at this point, the little god left. The guests were full but they didn’t know what had happened. Guo De turned his face, but the little god was gone. Xiao Lan Lan Dingmao found Guo Deyou on the street, but he was silent as if he had lost his soul. After swimming alone in the Haihe River for a long time, what the little god said is still lingering in his ears. Find a way to find a way to find a way, and recite the poem that the little god said.

The god-wife mother-in-law knows a lot, and bluntly this is alluding to a Feng Shui map, and the place indicated in this Feng Shui map is the source of the evil water of Mogu Road. Gu Ying was hypnotized by the little god, and lost her soul all the way to an abandoned factory. Locked himself in the water prison of the abandoned factory.

The water head sprayed water, Gu Ying woke up from hypnosis, the water level rose higher and higher, but Gu Ying who was tied up couldn’t move. The goddess Aniang took Guo Deyou to visit Secretary-General Xiao at night. Mogu Dao is now resurgence as it was twenty years ago. The little god was also released, and Secretary Xiao did not want to go to jail in this position.

The purpose is the same, the two sides work together to deal with Mogu Dao. The goddess grinned happily, and Secretary-General Xiao also found the Feng Shui map that had been preserved for twenty years. The god-wife A-niang gave some pointers and locked the trapped location of Gu Ying. Guo Deyou led the army to the abandoned factory. The army lay in a dark place. Guo Deyou went into the factory to look for Gu Ying.

Never thought that Guo Deyou, who had just arrived, was hypnotized by the little god. He watched the army killing each other and chased into the factory with a gun. The gun forced the little fairy to hand over the key to unlock Gu Ying’s water prison, but the gun in his hand was clearly a tree trunk. The little god stared, her clear and terrifying eyes once again hypnotized Guo Deyou.

He jumped into Gu Ying’s dungeon together and buried his head. Despite Gu Ying’s roar, he didn’t respond in any way. The little god’s move is to test whether Guo Deyou is a true sage boy. Guo De has the lives of Gu Ying, and what should he do.

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