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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 21 Recap

Good wine and good food are being served, but the god-wife and mother-in-law are worried. Going around and wiping around, the goddess and A-niang spit out all the wine. Guo Deyou wanted to ask about the preacher of Mogu Dao, this goddess mother must be shocked. She certainly didn’t want to mention the things twenty years ago. But the three bear children kept asking questions, and the temptation of this vintage wine. The lipstick was in trouble, and the god-wife and mother-in-law could only tell the past quickly.

In the past, Ding Yiqiu, Guo Chun, and Secretary-General Xiao took the lead in the fight against the ancient way of demons. At that time, the eradication of the Mogu Dao was a huge contribution. The army suffered heavy casualties and reluctantly detained the little god. However, Secretary-General Xiao took all the credit. Ding Yiqiu was unwilling to take the official food, so he took Mr. Hu to start the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. However, Guo De’s master, Guo Chun, also lived a normal life where he should go back. Lian Huaqing visited Xiao Sanye at night. The little god was not dead, but was hidden by the third master of the Xiao family.

Even Huaqing is not a fuel-efficient lamp. He has planted bugs on the third master of the Xiao family. The consensus broke down and the two were unwilling to continue working together. Lian Huaqing threatened to find the whereabouts of the little god. Gu Ying was trapped at home by the god-wife Aniang, so she was not allowed to find Guo Deyou. How could Gu Ying be obedient?

The two moved their hands and pushed their palms to transform Tai Chi. After a fight, the goddess and mother-in-law were pushed aside. Gu Ying got lucky and left home quickly. Ding Mao’s private meeting with Xiao Lanlan was about to ask her if the Xiao family had something to do with Mogu Road.

People from Lian Huaqing suddenly appeared, pressing hard, and wanted to kill Ding Mao. Xiao Sanye showed up with people, took them all down, and saved Ding Mao and Xiao Lanlan who were in danger. But he was hit by Lian Huaqing’s way, the little god was rescued, and Xiao Sanye was tossed to death by the bugs in his body. Gu Ying quarreled with the god-wife A-Niang, and Guo Deyou was about to change clothes to sleep, but she slammed the door open without a sound. The two were flirting, sweet.

Taking away Guo Deyou’s bed, Guo Deyou could only sleep in Ding Mao’s room. Secretary-General Xiao secretly called the military commander to inquire about the little god. This question revealed all of Xiao Sanye’s affairs. The little god was not killed, but was secretly imprisoned by Xiao Sanye. When a cup of tea fell to the ground, Secretary-General Xiao was angry, and Xiao Lanlan, who was eavesdropping outside the door, was also unexpected. In the early morning, Xiao Lanlan rushed to the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce.

He told Ding Mao about the conversation between the commander of the army and his father last night. The Xiaoxiguan Prison rioted, and the army was sent by Secretary-General Xiao to destroy the little gods. However, Xiao San faked an order to secretly take the little god and imprison him. Knocking on the door a few times, no one responded. Guo Deyou opened the door and entered, but Gu Ying was gone. The wooden sword remained on the table, with a note pasted on the sword. However, Gu Ying at this time was walking down the street like a lost soul.

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