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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 20 Recap

Yu Si brought the thugs from the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce to look for Ding Mao. Just in time for the prisoners to escape from prison, they joined with Captain Fu to start a desperate struggle with the released prisoners. Captain Fu, who doesn’t seem to want to take care of anything on weekdays, fought like no less.

He took off his suit, strangled the prisoner’s neck, and fell to the ground with a fall over his shoulders. Ding Mao rushed over with Xiao Lanlan, eagerly looking for the young master’s Yusi, and was relieved when he saw Ding Mao safe and sound. After Ding Mao’s instructions, Yu Si escorted Xiao Lanlan home.

At this time, Huang Yu whirled out, using Huang Jiacai’s unique skills, and knocked down all the guards that prevented him to the ground with a few tricks. Guo Deyou, who came from the Special Needs Prison, was also injured. He was half of the bet that he had just lost. He took the gun from the girl’s hand, and was shot in the left arm. He suddenly appeared in the dark, pointed his gun at Topaz, trying to stop him. But Huang Yu had already been hypnotized by his supernatural beings, and he didn’t care about life and death. His command was to kill all those who hindered him.

Throwing out the belt and strangling Guo Deyou’s neck, Ding Mao was anxious on the side as the others couldn’t get up. Captain Fu raised his gun awe-inspiringly to trigger the trigger, the beard on the top of his lips moved, and he shot Topaz to death. The military went out to suppress the riots and drove Captain Fu and the others away from Xiaoxiguan.

The big star Wang Meiren came to the Dragon King Temple specially, only for the last time the consulate matter, and wanted to thank Guo Deyou in person. Xiao Sanye found Lian Huaqing, and he warned Lian Huaqing not to touch Xiao Lanlan’s idea. Captain Fu said that the supernatural person in the Special Needs Prison had been shot, but both of them wanted to continue to explore the secrets of Mogu Road. Captain Fu was angry and warned them not to interfere in anything.

In the Longwang Temple at night, Gu Ying and Guo De have a room alone. Just as Gu Ying put her head on Guo Deyou’s shoulder, the goddess Aniang suddenly broke in. After Gu Ying blasted away, the goddess Aliang had a private chat with Guo De. It turns out that the god-wife A-niang told Gu Ying about her marriage, hoping that Guo Deyou would stay away from her for the happiness of Gu Ying.

Xiao Lanlan thanked Ding Mao face to face, if Ding Mao did not appear in time that day, then Xiao Lanlan’s innocence would cease to exist. Just by taking advantage of Ding Mao’s opportunity at Xiao’s house, Secretary-General Xiao met with Ding Mao alone. The two spoke bluntly, and Secretary-General Xiao said frankly that he hoped that Ding Mao would never meet Xiao Lanlan again. The Water Transport Chamber of Commerce is a big ship and owes many lives. Secretary-General Xiao is not willing to let Xiao Lanlan be in these storms again.

In the Dragon King Temple in the early morning, Guo Deyou painted dye on the stone statue with one arm, and Ding Mao came here suddenly. The two are worthy of being brothers, and if things about Mogu Dao are not checked for a day, both of them are fidgeting. Yu Si’s investigation found that the Xiaoxiguan army was sent by the Xiao family. Ding Mao looked for Uncle Hu again, and when he mentioned the little fairy in the special needs prison, Uncle Hu’s face changed drastically.

Guo Deyou felt the same way. Last night, he chatted with the god-wife and A-niang, and when she mentioned the little god, her face also looked horrified. Now I can only find people who have personally experienced this catastrophe 20 years ago and are willing to tell these things. Guo Deyou muttered, looking at the stone statues around him, his eyes seemed to have an idea.

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