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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 19 Recap

The warden served Guo Deyou and Xiao Lanlan brought black tea. Guo Deyou was not used to drinking, took a sip, frowned, and put the teacup on the table. Xiao Lanlan went straight to the point, and came here this time just for this special need cell. The warden was very straightforward and threatened to let Xiao Lanlan put her heart on it.

This special-needed cell was made of special materials and was very strong. Guo De has doubts about the sacredness of this special needs cell. The warden did not hesitate to come out one by one, saying that prisoners in special-needed cells would use black magic and their eyes could control others, so he tied his eyes with an iron cover. Unless someone has no distractions, as long as he has seen his eyes, he will be controlled.

Topaz successfully escaped from the cell by using Caimen’s bone reduction technique. The door of the locker was left open, and the two police officers on duty ran to the duty room in their free time to take a break. Seeing the strangeness of the locker, a police detective on duty came forward to check. Pushing open the storage door, this topaz reduction technique is surprising.

A completely large living person could actually curl up his body in such a small space. Then, both guards were attacked by him and killed in one blow. The warden was called away by a police detective, Xiao Lanlan stayed to drink tea, and one of Guo De slipped away and sneaked into the cell. Captain Fu and Ding Maoye arrived at Xiaoxiguan Prison and informed the warden. The police with the key took them to Huang Yu’s prison.

The little girl who delivered food went through the dark high-walled cell to deliver food to the prisoners in the special needs cell. This prisoner with half-black and half-white hair and a beard a few inches long was exactly what the warden said as a magician. A spoonful of food was chewed in his mouth, but a steel wire was eaten out of the food. The prisoner’s iron cover was thrown out from the food delivery port of the special needs cell, and the little girl looked inside through the food delivery port.

A pair of wide-eyed, oozing eyes looked at the little girl, and the iron blindfold of the prisoner in the special needs cell had been removed. Guo Deyou searched accidentally and walked into the room where the two police detectives were just now. The door of the larger locker was open, and a foot in cloth shoes was exposed.

He opened the door of the cupboard, and the two detectives just now had been crammed into the locker and lost their breath. The warden came to the cell with special needs, and the girl who delivered the food had fallen in front of the cell. The warden leaned over to look at it, but the girl snatched the gun from the warden’s waist. The person with special needs in the cell had already used hypnosis to give the little girl an order.

The warden was forced to look down at the special needs cell, and then he was also controlled by hypnosis. The doors of all prisons were opened, and the prisoners in the cells were released one after another. Guo Deyou and Ding Mao are still entangled with Captain Fu. Captain Fu did not want the two of them to participate in this matter. A gunshot came from the prison area. After the warden released all the prisoners, he held his gun against his throat. After a gunshot, blood sprayed from his head and neck and the warden committed suicide.

The guards who came to support fought with the prisoner, Guo Deyou and Ding Mao changed into prisoners’ costumes, hidden their identities, and got into the prisoners. Unfortunately for Xiao Lanlan, a prisoner who escaped from the prison put on a police detective’s costume and broke into the guard room where Xiao Lanlan was located, trying to rape her.

Despite Xiao Lanlan screaming and struggling, no one can help. The buttons on her clothes were unbuttoned one by one by the prisoner, and she wept with tears, and the innocence of her life might disappear at this moment. At the most critical moment, Ding Mao appeared. With the scalpel in his hand, in the blink of an eye, the prisoner who wanted to rape Xiao Lanlan had his trachea cut. Untied Xiao Lanlan’s tied rope, picked up the clothes on the side, and covered her body.

The prisoner attacked Ding Mao behind his mortal heart, shaking hands with an iron rod, and Ding Mao was strangled to breathe. With the grievance of being almost raped just now, coupled with Ding Mao’s life is worrying. Xiao Lanlan picked up the pen in the pen holder and pierced the prisoner’s neck indiscriminately. The arteries were cut and blood spewed out. Xiao Lanlan’s hands were covered with blood, and she slumped to the side.

In the special needs prison, the girl who was controlled by the stranger held the pistol in both hands, but also pressed her throat. Guo Deyou also spent a long time here. When he stepped into prison, the girl would shoot him. But no matter what, the muzzle of this gun is still against the girl’s throat. Guo Deyou gritted his teeth and determined to take a gamble. Striding into the special needs prison, a harsh gunshot came from the darkness.

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