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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 18 Recap

The two climbed to the second floor of the board of directors, but the drunk Gu Ying did not forget his true skills. The black-clothed old lady placed a skeleton formation, with nine corpses in the formation, nine lives refining one life, this is an evil formation, guilty of evil spirits. The black-clothed old lady kneeling on the ground spoke. This person is Mr. Hu’s wife and Hu Tianming’s mother. It turned out that Sun Laoqi turned into a living corpse, Feng Erma was killed, and she secretly helped her life, it was all caused by Mrs. Hu.

Now that the formation of the nine corpses has been completed, Hu Tianming roared up from the corpse water, took a stiff step, and walked towards Madam Hu. The blood basin gushed forward, and Madam Hu was almost killed by the living corpse that Hu Tianming had turned into. Gu Ying kicked Hu Tianming aside. Only to blame Madam Hu for being confused for a while, coupled with her thoughtfulness, she would have listened to Lian Huaqing’s lies, and made a big mistake.

These ten corpses all turned into living corpses, crawling out of the wooden boxes like crazy. The ambassador of the British Consulate invited Miss Wang Meiren to perform on the podium, but she was knocked out by Gu Ying and locked in the room. Guo De has predicted that the British Council will be in danger. This move is only to save Wang Meiren’s life.

Wang Meiren, who was locked in the room, has not been out, but the ten resurrected bodies rushed out from the second floor. The people surrounding the zombies and the ambassador of the British Council were not spared from the zombies. Almost none of the guests escaped, and several living corpses were infected with hundreds of guests.

When the banquet was chaotic, Ding Mao found Lian Huaqing, who was disguised and mixed in the crowd. He chased him all the way, but in the middle of the banquet he met Hu Tianming, his good brother who had been corpse. Gu Ying was drunk and wrestled with the zombies. Bendu had already taken Gu Ying out of the board of directors, but Guo Deyou remembered that Wang Meiren was still locked in the room. Returning the same way, Wang Meiren was rescued at the risk of her life.

Ding Mao was almost killed by the corpse Hu Tianming. Madam Hu showed up, hugged Tianming and fell from the second floor together. Although she couldn’t save her son, Madam Hu’s move was considered to be her wish. Seeing Madam Hu and Hu Tianming who fell to their deaths on the first floor, Ding Mao, who was leaning on the fence on the second floor, showed unprecedented sadness. People from the police station barely controlled the situation. People who are bitten to death by zombies can only be regarded as dead.

Early in the morning, Xiao Lanlan gave the decrypted encrypted file to Guo Deyou. There are so many numbers in the encrypted file, but it is only five characters that can be deciphered. Special needs of Xiaoxiguan. Xiao Lanlan explained that Xiaoxiguan Prison is the most heavily guarded prison here. Special needs refer to prisoners who need special treatment.

Guo De is flustered. Huang Yu has just been transferred to Xiaoxiguan Prison. Maybe what does this mean? Xiao Lanlan stopped. This newspaper reporter, who is a pretty girl, is always curious about some strange things. She wanted Guo Deyou to take him to investigate the case, but Xiaohe God refused, but she also had something to say.

Xiaoxiguan Prison does not enter as you want. You can investigate the case if you want. However, Xiao Lanlan has the advantage of her background to enter Xiaoxiguan. Guo De is meditative, and what she said is unreasonable. With the help of her status, Xiao Lanlan brought Guo Deyou to Xiaoxiguan Police Station easily. On Ding Mao’s side, he promised to keep Captain Fu as the captain of the police station and took the opportunity to come to Xiaoxiguan to examine Topaz.

Sure enough, as Ding Mao expected, the previous pretending to be crazy and stupid were all topaz acting. The bone shrinking skill of Caimenzhi easily took off the handcuffs. Huang Yu stretched his arm out of the gap in the prison door. Who knows what earth-shattering things will happen in Xiaoxiguan Prison at this time.

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