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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 17 Recap

A few cooked fat crabs were taken into the police station by Guo Deyou. In the usual and consistent style, he bribed two small police detectives, took the opportunity to chat, and found out a little truth from his two people. Since the encrypted file was stolen from the archives of the police station, the parent of the file has the greatest possibility of staying in the police station. Don’t tell me, these two little detectives really know some ways. The last police station liked to study this Morse code. After her death, the Secretary’s wife left this messy code file in the police station. Within the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, this fierce battle with the Life Gate is inevitable.

The United Liaison Museum is ready to catch life by surprise. But Ding Mao warned Yu Si that we must do our utmost to ensure that there are no casualties on both sides. Yishengmen invited the goddess Aniang and Gu Ying to do the ritual, but before and after they did not see a few people in Yishengmen. It turned out that the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce and Life Gate had an appointment with the British Council today, and the two sides negotiated for the right to maritime transport.

Ding Mao thought that the water transport merchants were rich and powerful, and it was inevitable to obtain maritime rights. Unexpectedly, Crazy Cui bought the translator in advance. When communicating for the two parties, the female translator lied about Ding Mao’s meaning, so that the British Council eventually handed over maritime rights to the life gate.

Guo Deyou went to the ghost city again to find the books buried in the coffin of the former police chief. The boss of this ghost city tomb robber broke his mouth and accidentally said that an old lady came here to buy ten corpses from him a few days ago. Guo Deyou bought Tianjin hemp flowers to make a complaint to Gu Ying about the previous incident, and Gu Ying vomited out accidentally.

A few days ago, she had done a life-long practice with the goddess and mother-in-law, but saw a strange scene. Several servants carried ten wooden boxes that were more than one person long and sent them into the life gate. Guo De suspected that this life gate was very likely to raise corpses.

Ding Mao’s German biology instructor called, because Ding Mao discovered this virus that turns people into living corpses, and it is considered a contribution to the biological world. The German Consulate also has friendship with the British Council. Therefore, it is a personal relationship. The British Consulate promised to discuss maritime rights with Ding Mao again.

Things are messed up. Secretly helped the masked woman of the life gate to give a box of jewels to the life gate, so that Crazy Cui secretly worked harder to give this box of jewels to the British director. However, Guo Deyou thought that the box that Crazy Cui gave to the British Council was a dead body bought from the ghost market. He brought Gu Ying to the banquet held in the British Council. Gu Ying was drunk and Guo Deyou met Ding Mao again.

After getting the mother copy of the encrypted file that Guo Deyou got, Xiao Lanlan kept pen and paper in her hand, did not leave the newspaper office late at night, lit her desk lamp to attract mosquitoes. There are countless papers on which to write, and Xiao Lanlan, who is exhausted, has a stubborn and unyielding force between her brows. In the end, she also found out the secret of this encrypted file. Supporting Gu Ying, he swayed to the second floor of the council building.

But in the utility room on the second floor, I saw a wooden box containing ten corpses. The wooden boxes are stacked, but there are a few candles in the middle. Looking up again, in front of the wooden box at the innermost side, the old lady wearing black clothes and mask finally revealed the true face of Lushan, and said the little river god, how sacred this old lady is.

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