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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 16 Recap

Guo, Ding, and Gu gathered again in the Dragon King Temple. Topaz lost her heart and stopped the whole case. Guo Deyou frankly said that the three hundred oceans borrowed from Ding Mao were not for anything else, but went to the ghost market to inquire about the whereabouts of the preacher. This preacher is not known to the ordinary believers of Mogu Dao, he has the important secrets of Mogu Dao, and at this time Lian Huaqing is also working hard to find it.

It is a pity that the fisherman of the ghost market was killed by a sudden attack by the gods, and the three hundred oceans were all wasted. Ding Mao also investigated the information on Mogu Dao, and one of the information was completely encrypted and unknown. At this time, they were also moved to go to the police station to steal this top-secret document. However, stealing from the police station is risky after all, but Guo Deyou, who was on the scene, suddenly had an idea.

It was another worker’s uniform. Guo Deyou, who was pretending to be Wang Meiren’s driver, suddenly showed his face in the car. Wang Meiren was shocked unpreparedly, but she couldn’t help laughing when she saw Guo Deyou in front of her clearly.

The two of them talked about food, and Guo Deyou agreed to take her to try the stewed small fish with corn and pastry, but the premise was that Guo Deyou asked Wang Meiren. The dock workers of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce seem a little absent-minded these days. Recently, things happened one after another in the Chamber of Commerce.

Sun Laoqi, who had been dead for a few years, suddenly burst out of the river to bite people. With this strength, the lunatic Cui of his life took the opportunity to instigate, and wanted to draw the dock workers from the Water Transport Association. The people under him passed the news, and Ding Mao hurried to the dock with the fish in four quick steps.

Ding Mao and Cui lunatic were arguing about fighting over others with a doubling of the workers’ salary, but Xiao Lanlan sent someone over and called Ding Mao away. From a friend’s point of view, Xiao Lanlan bluntly said that it has been a long time since the living corpse of Old Sun Laoqi. Crazy Cui came to the dock to spread rumors and win over workers, just to compete with the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce for opportunities to cooperate with the British Council.

Xiao Lanlan suggested not to give workers a raise, but to lower their wages, but I don’t know why she asked Ding Mao to make such a move. Wang Meiren suddenly came to the police station. The big star came, and there was a man who was not interested in the police station. It happened to take advantage of the gap between the police to leave the post and sneak into the file room by pushing the window.

I found the top-secret file and took a picture of it with my camera. Xiao Lanlan’s tactics are really seamless. She can’t afford to pay three times the price of workers all her life, and she has already started laying off workers. Not only did they fail to win the workers, but they lost most of their credibility in this lifetime. Lian Huaqing appeared in the life gate and promised Cui lunatic to help the life gate bring down the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. In the police station, Huang Yu was mad and strangled the policeman who delivered the meal.

When he killed the man, he also remembered Lian Huaqing’s late night visit with a clear mind. The furious Captain Fu finally recovered Ding Mao’s status as a special police detective. The superstar Wang Meiren printed out the photos in the camera and was surprised to see the contents of the encrypted files. Early this morning, she went to the Longwang Temple alone to find Guo Deyou, and returned the printed photos to him.

After a few words of greeting, Wang Meiren left alone. Bring the documents and come to the newspaper to ask Xiao Lanlan for help. This is an encrypted file, without the parent, it is impossible to decode the contents of these words. Guo De had a bite of the marijuana flower, what should he do next?

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