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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 15 Recap

While complaining, the two finally stepped across the swamp. There really is this desolate hut on this barren swamp. Ding Mao and Gu Ying hurried into the hut without greeting. No trace of Wu Laoxian was found, but Ding Mao was attracted by the straw shed next to it. Lifting the white curtain tent, the eyes become blurred. In the blur, it seemed to see white flowers, but Ding Mao leaned in but never came out. With a sharp shout, Gu Ying pulled out Ding Mao.

Men are all the same, and they want to look more when they see beautiful things. The strange white flowers in the curtains are full of fragrance, but they are also attractive. Gu Ying slapped her hands in front of her nose, and the two did not bother them. The fat bald Wu Laoxian appeared suddenly, was in the thatched house for a while, and ran to the thatched roof in the blink of an eye. Ding Mao Gu Ying was so dizzy and almost in danger.

Thanks to Gu Ying’s cleverness, she was attacked by Wu Laoxian in the Juhua Hotel before, and he gained a wiser after eating. The same scent is not so easy to be fooled this time. The two devised countermeasures, one tracking along the river, and the other on land, attacking the bald fat man Wu Laoxian on both sides. It’s just that Wu Laoxian’s floral illusion is too evil, no matter how vigilant the two are, they still fall into this illusion one after another. Walking to Ding Mao in the thatched hut again, he saw Wu Laoxian being thrown out of the house with his limbs tied up. Entering the thatched house, I saw Uncle Hu sitting peacefully on a chair.

Handing out the dagger, Uncle Hu urged Ding Mao to kill Wu Laoxian to avenge Chairman Ding. Ding Mao raised his knife to prepare to do it, but saw Wu Laoxian who fell on the ground turned into his own appearance. Among the waistless weeds, Gu Ying rushed to the river and found a little boy playing with rocks. The boy got up and turned his head.

Guo De looked like he was a kid. Recalling his childhood, Guo Deyou personally killed the trafficker who kidnapped her to save Gu Ying. Gu Ying was still hesitating, the little boy’s hands were already pinched on her neck. Turning to the river, he heard about Wu Laoxian from the ghost market, Guo Deyou ran all the way, but found traces of the old river god by the river. With a cry of the master, the old river god Guo Chun scolded Guo Deyou.

A few words will reveal his true identity. This old river god who is sitting on a rock and talking to him is not his true master. Because the most taboo of the old river god is Guo Deyou’s smoking, how can he be the real old river god when he is holding the cigarette stick? He suddenly entered the illusion of lighting a cigarette and arguing injustice, the old river god in the illusion took Guo Deyou. Suddenly escaping from the illusion, Guo Deyou unexpectedly found that he was beating himself, and quickly wailed in pain while covering his face.

Gu Ying, who had escaped from the illusion, hurried back to the thatched hut, Ding Mao fell to the ground and held a knife at him, but Wu Laoxian watched the excitement. A stick was thrown out, Wu Laoxian dodged and fled. Cut Ding Mao’s ankle, only bleeding can make people escape from the illusion. The two of them played a good show that deceived Guo Deyou. Gu Ying’s fake death made Guo Deyou speak his heart with tears. After that, the two laughed, but Guo De was also mad with anger.

There was a call from the grass in the distance, and when he rushed away, Huang Er Shao stood upright, but Wu Laoxian was strangled to death. Captain Fu and Madam Huang also arrived at this time. Guo Deyou and Huang Er Shao stay aside, Gu Ying Ding Mao and Mrs. Huang talked for a long time. I learned that the current illusion of the Huang family is only used by Huang Da and the old lady. The head of Huang Da is dead, and this illusion is now exclusive to the old lady.

Unexpectedly, at this time, there is a lonely place in the wheat field, Topaz, has pushed the whole thing to a climax. It turns out that Guo De has seen through Huang Er’s plan, and all of this is controlled by him alone.

Seeing Huang Yisuo corrupt his family style, Mrs. Huang taught him the secret technique again. Huang Yu was unwilling to kill Huang Yisuo with Wu Laoxian in the Juhua Hotel. Accompanied Huang Yu in a play, but Wu Laoxian did not expect that in the end he would still die in Huang Yu’s hands. When Guo Deyou has counted on debunking Topaz, he will surely kill himself. So he got down ahead of time and stabbed Huang Yu with a poisonous needle to subdue him.

The three people gathered together to talk about topaz, and they didn’t let the slightest clues go, and everything came to the surface one by one. When he arrived at the police station, the captured Topaz had turned into a madness. The crowd surrounded the prison, and the case that was thought to be about to be solved became a mystery again.

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