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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 14 Recap

Huang Yisuo was hanged on the suspended ceiling of Juhua Hotel. Wang Meiren was frightened, and Gu Ying, who was sulking alone in the background, heard the movement upstairs, and ran after him. Before the steps were finished, the bald fat man sprinkled white powder in front of him, and Gu Ying instantly lost strength, and collapsed on the stairs with four limbs.

Someone had to help Wang Meiren aside. At this time, the police came to cut off the rope that hanged Huang Yisuo. The crime scene was destroyed, and Ding Mao and Captain Fu had a quarrel. The guy who came to the backstage wanted to see if there were any suspicious persons. Gu Ying, who had passed out on the stairs, was found.

Ding Mao diagnosed that Gu Ying could not see any traces of trauma all over her body, and she was probably frightened. As the first eyewitness, Wang Meiren was kept in the hotel room with police guards. Guo Deyou came to comfort him and hoped that Wang Meiren would tell himself what he knew. After pouring tea overnight, Gu Ying woke up. She told the suspect who she saw in the background on the night Huang Yisuo was killed. After making a lot of noise, he threatened to catch the suspect. Huang Yisuo lost his life because of his poor academic skills.

Now that the city is full of troubles, the royal family also organized a funeral. Guo Deyou pretended to be a believer and entered the Huang’s house and sneaked into the ancestral hall. He just wanted to use a cigarette to plead his grievances. Gu Ying Dingmao suddenly appeared and frightened Guo Deyou. The three quarreled, but the eldest lady of Huangfu was attracted. Explaining her purpose, the eldest lady has repeatedly insisted that no one is allowed to toss the body of her dead son.

The appearance of Gu Ying Dingmao made Guo De’s plan fail. He deliberately said something awkward and forced them both away. But intently, he just didn’t want them to fall into crisis. Xiao Lanlan found in the newspaper that the second young master of the Huang family was negotiating with the president. There were ears behind the door, and she heard some news intermittently.

The second young master of the Huang family wanted to fight in the newspaper to force out the real murderer of Huang Yisuo. It was agreed again that Wang Meiren would tell Guo Deyou what he saw that day at Juhua Hotel. On the stage that day, Huang Yisuo she saw was just a head.

Guo De has explained that these are just illusions. After returning to the Longwang Temple and changing into clean clothes, Tie Niu bought fried cakes for Guo Deyou. Uncovering the newspaper with fried cakes, the fried cakes fell to the ground, but Guo Deyou settled on the newspaper. The declaration of war by Huang Yu, the second young master of the Huang family, had been published in the newspaper, and Guo Deyou hurried to the Huang Mansion.

As soon as he entered the Huangfu compound, there was fighting in the room in front of him. Creeping forward and pushing open the door, it really was the fat bald man mentioned by Gu Ying who injured Topaz to the ground. Just about to push the door to stop him, Ding Mao Gu Ying made another coincidence and stood behind him and drank Guo Deyou.

Out of the broken window, when a group of people went forward to investigate, only the back of the murderer could be seen. In this situation, the eldest son was killed and the second son was severely injured. Madame Huang was frightened and agreed to let Ding Mao conduct an autopsy on Huang Yisuo’s body. Huang Yisuo was indeed strangled to death.

Mrs. Huang remembered that the fat bald man they were talking about might have been an adversary in the Huang Mansion. Come to the ghost market again, Guo De has a few dollars to sell, and can buy news of the rebel Wu Laoxian. Gu Ying got the news sooner, and at this time he had already brought Ding Mao to the hut on the marsh plain.

Early in the morning, the door of the second young master of the Yellow Mansion was hidden, and Mrs. Huang pushed the door, only to find that the second son, Huang Yu, was also missing. Called Captain Fu of the police station and deceived Mrs. Huang for some illogical reasoning. Was the person who killed Huang Yisuo and kidnapped Huang Yu really the rebel Wu Laoxian?

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