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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 13 Recap

The door of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce opened brightly, the fish headed four, and the servants lined up in two rows to welcome President Ding Mao to leave the hospital and go home. In the office, Gu Ying and Xiao Lanlan waited for a long time. With flowers in hand, he recites another curse. The two of them were also very happy to see Ding Mao.

As soon as the case of a hundred zombies was over, Guo Deyou had no news. Gu Ying practiced the wooden sword in the house of the god-wife A-niang, and entered the house angrily after a few strokes. The god-wife A-niang had a wonderful calculation, and she guessed that Gu Ying was unhappy because of Guo Deyou. Gu Ying said frankly that he missed Guo Erge for too long. God-wife mother-in-law complains, my god!

Ding Mao was looking at the corpses of zombies burned by fire in the office. He raised his head when he heard some movement, only to find that Guo De was standing in front of his office with scorn. It turns out that Guo Deyou got into the office through the skylight, he just didn’t want other people in the Water Transport Association to know. The two exchanged greetings, and Guo Deyou was straight to the point. This time I came here just to borrow three hundred oceans.

As soon as he took the money out and before handing it to Guo Deyou, Yu Si entered the office. There is a small dispute on the dock of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. I want to take someone to solve it. Ding Mao had just been discharged from the hospital and wanted to visit his brothers on the dock.

With repeated insistence, Yu Si could only allow Ding Mao to go with him. In fact, this dispute is not a major issue. It is just a group of people who have been ordered by Secretary-General Xiao of the municipal government to shoot movies at this pier. The two sides were in a quarrel. Even Ding Mao came forward. He was unwilling to make a movie for the group of businessmen at this dock today. After all, the dozens of brothers are waiting for dinner, and no one can afford to delay this time.

Xiaohe was smart and cleverly resolved the dispute. Ding Mao also agreed to let them continue filming at the dock. The superstar Wang Meiren witnessed all this at the top of the steps. She walked down with kind eyebrows, not knowing whether she appreciated Ding Mao’s temperament or Guo Deyou’s cleverness. In short, the three of them became friends by accident. Wang Meiren invited the two of them, and the movie celebration banquet was scheduled to be at the Juhua Hotel in a few days. When the two of them came to show their faces, Guo Deyou happily agreed.

Guo Deyou borrowed these three hundred oceans for nothing else, came to the ghost market alone, and bought the news about Mogu Dao and Lian Huaqing with a lot of money. Just as this wharf fisherman who had hidden secrets was about to tell all this, he was killed by a hidden weapon that suddenly struck, and the most important secrets were not able to be said again.

Returning to the house of the goddess A-niang, Gu Ying went to the water transport business for three days or so. The god-wife A-niang was moved and asked if Gu Ying had thoughts about the other President Ding. Gu Ying did not like to listen. I took the opportunity to go to the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. Guo Deyou bribed the god-wife A-niang with good wine, only to learn from her that the hidden weapon to kill the fisherman was the fairy rope of the Huang family.

Guo Deyou wanted to leave, but was stopped by the goddess Aniang. She asked why Guo Deyou kept hiding from Gu Ying. She had to admit that the muddy water of Mogu Road was really dangerous. He didn’t want anyone to be in danger, especially Gu Ying. After hearing these words, the goddess mother was very much Is moved.

Gu Ying was uncomfortable wearing Xiao Lanlan’s clothes at the movie celebration party at Juhua Hotel. She stayed there motionless, thinking that everything would cost money. Ding Mao teased her, but the cake in his hand was snatched by the sudden Guo Deyou. Guo Deyou said coldly to Gu Ying, Gu Ying was angry, and Guo Deyou turned around and was about to leave. Guo Deyou had no choice but to tell the reason, and the two of them resolved the contradiction here. On the stage, Wang Meiren acted as the host.

After the opening speech was humorous, he invited Huang Yisuo, the head of the Huang family, to perform stunts for everyone. Bind his arms and hid in the wooden cabinet. When the wooden cabinet was opened again, it was full of white roses. One by one, they were thrown toward the audience. On the suspended ceiling of the stage, Huang Yisuo was strangled to death and hung on the stage. The sudden appearance of the corpse made the guests panic, and Wang Meiren, who looked back, was also frightened and fainted.

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