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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 12 Recap

Using the identity of the president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, Ding Mao led Guo Deyou into the charity hospital. The two quickly came to the morgue, pushed open the door, and a stench came in. These half-corrupted drifters were all lying quietly on the bed. Ding Mao ordered that in a while, Yu Si would dispose of all these corpses. After being left for too long, the corpses were already stinking. After examining the corpse lying in the morgue intact, it seemed that Guo De was worried. The two were preparing to return the same way and leave the charity hospital, but found that the door of the hospital was locked from the outside.

The two of them didn’t realize that at this time the Mogu Dao leader wearing a black cloak had already followed them. The conch sound played, and the corpses in the morgue also moved. They were exactly the same as Sun Laoqi who appeared at Dagu Wharf. They were hideous and dehumanized, and rushed towards them with a big mouth open. The Yizhuang at this time was not much better. Xiao Hai had just finished worshiping his dead father, but Feng Erma also stood up like a corpse. Fortunately, Gu Ying rushed into the house in time when he heard the movement, otherwise Xiao Hai would also die in Feng Erma’s hands.

Xiao Lanlan took Xiao Hai to the second floor to take shelter, leaving Gu Ying alone with the crazy Feng Erma. Returning to the charity hospital, Ding and Guo desperately ran away. Even the men and women who were affectionate in the room were not spared. They were sacked by these zombies. The zombies forced Ding Guo into the room, and between life and death, the two struggled desperately. Using the principle of mirror reflection, the two barely escaped from the zombies. Gu Ying’s life was hanging by a thread at this time, no matter how Xiao Lanlan hit Feng Erma, he still refused to let go of Gu Ying’s hand.

Xiaohai’s father worked, and Feng Erma opened his hands and ran towards Xiaohai. Ding Mao used a chemical reaction to detonate the laboratory, causing the group of zombies to be buried in flames. But the two of them accidentally found the secret passage in the cupboard and ran away all the way. Due to the explosion in the laboratory, the underground cave where the two escaped accidentally collapsed.

The broken stone separated the two of them. Ding Mao asked Guo Deyou to go first and found someone from the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce to help. Guo De couldn’t bear it, so he lifted the stone by himself. Lian Huaqing, the leader of Mogu Dao, suddenly appeared, said a few words to Ding Mao and turned away. Lian Huaqing admitted that he was the leader of Mogu Dao, but he also stabbed Ding Mao coldly.

The stone wall separating the two had not been opened yet, Guo Deyou watched Ding Mao fall in front of his eyes, covered in blood. With all his strength like crazy, he moved one stone after another, and finally got to the other side of the cave where Ding Mao was. Just about to pick up Ding Mao to find a doctor, Ding Mao yelled Guo Deyou not to move.

The more the body shakes, the bigger Ding Mao’s wound will crack. Ding Mao asked Guo Deyou to stitch himself, but now his hands are full of blood. Guo Deyou can’t calm his mind. But watching Ding Mao, who has lost too much blood and is unconscious, Guo Deyou can only argue with a cigarette. Take a gamble.

In the illusion, Ding Mao sewed the wound. When Ding Mao woke up, Gu Ying, Xiao Lanlan and Guo Deyou, the four of them had gathered in the hospital. The four of them looked at each other but couldn’t help laughing. After this crisis, the relationship between the four was one step closer. In the face of the entire charity hospital that was burned down, Deputy Captain Fu of the police station had nothing to do. Ding Mao invited a German tutor, and the tutor’s explanation made everyone understand.

It turns out that this is a kind of parasite controlling these corpses, and the mother worm sends out a certain frequency of vibration through its wings to control these worms. It’s just that I haven’t worked out how to deal with these bugs. Xiaohai finally left Yizhuang, ready to wander alone. Because of this incident, everyone also fell into silence.

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