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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 11 Recap

In the early morning in Yizhuang, the head-decapitated Bodhisattva was quietly placed in the courtyard. Today Ding Mao looked generous and bought breakfast to enjoy with everyone. Ding Mao and Guo Deyou were at the table talking about things, Xiao Hai helped Gu Ying and put the breakfast that Ding Mao bought on the table. Ding Mao explained that people with different identities in the Water Transport Association have different badges.

Dockers are blue cards, servants are white cards, bloody thugs like Hu Tianming and Sun Laoqi are red cards, and Hu Da Butler is silver. Guo De said that Ding Mao’s identity as the president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce can only be regarded as a gold medal.

After the two jokes for a while, they also mentioned Feng Erma. This Feng Erma is obviously a servant, but why did he wear swimming trunks before he died? The bean berries were served, and a few people started to enjoy them. Looking at the scene where the fried fruit was torn to pieces, Xiao Hai once again recalled the scene of Feng Erma being killed that night. He yelled and fell to the ground staggeringly, and Gu Ying hurriedly hugged him in his arms.

Ding Mao repeatedly asked Xiaohai what was going on? It just kept yelling and demon from his mouth. Fortunately, there is help from the shadows here, which is a comfort. Xiao Hai told Gu Ying about Feng Erma’s death in the river that night. After leaving the room, Gu Ying told Ding Mao about the matter intact. Ding Mao analyzed that Feng Lao Er paid someone to dig out Sun Laoqi’s body from the coffin, and was later killed by Sun Laoqi’s body.

Since Feng Erma was killed in the river, Guo De’s ability must be indispensable. With Hundred Oceans as payment, Guo Deyou promised Ding Mao to help him catch the dead man. When I returned to the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce and asked Yu Si, I realized that Feng Erma was a single jumper, and he had no relatives, but his son Xiaohai. It turned out to be tonight when I mentioned Wendou.

Ding Mao wanted to go, but Yu Si agreed. Can go back, Ding Mao can not participate. Ding Mao smiled, he was also an overseas student anyhow, fighting against these uneducated local turtles, wouldn’t it be bullying them? When Yusi heard this, he laughed wildly, but he didn’t say anything in his eyes. I want to visit Madam Hu by the way. When he came to Madam Hu’s room, Ding Mao found a pack of black particles behind the portrait of Brother Tianming. When brought to the laboratory, there were living biological cells in the particles under the microscope, which made Ding Mao puzzled.

At night, the Dagu River bank is a matter of Wendou. Crazy Cui started, and everyone in his life hurried over. The so-called Wendou is not like what Ding Mao thought, a life-long master who broke his ears with a knife and threw it into a pan. Not to be outdone, the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce flicked his sleeves and exposed his arms, raising his knife to break his arm.

When the two sides were arguing, the bells and nets in Haihe were moving. Before he could return to his senses, he yelled to face him. Sun Laoqi, an inhumane water transport chamber thug, rushed to the shore. He was wearing a net, and the one who was brought out of the river bank was Guo Deyou who grabbed the other end of the net. Everyone was frightened and fled in a panic. This dehumanized Sun Laoqi was so powerful that everyone joined hands to force him to convince him.

Taking the harpoon, the little river god Guo Deyou pierced Sun Laoqi’s head into the oil pan. He thought it would be the matter. Unexpectedly, Sun Laoqi raised his head again and staggered into the Haihe River with fire, and there was no sound. .

As things got worse, Captain Fu, who was hiding in the police car on the pier, hurried over to stop it. After the two sides were left alone, the literary fight tonight stopped. Before leaving, Ding Mao took away a black bug that fell from Sun Laoqi’s mouth, but Guo Deyou didn’t know what it was.

But in retrospect, there is a little impression. The last time the four of them rioted at the Charity Hospital, Guo Deyou ran into this bug. A bad premonition came to his mind, and he hurried back to the charity hospital with Ding Mao. Xiao Lanlan in the newspaper was not idle either. Regarding the flood 21 years ago, she had to investigate it clearly despite the president’s prevention.

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