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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Ying had to sit in the Dragon King Temple and was in a daze with the cigarette stick left by his master. Gu Ying was bored, so he accompanied Feng Erma’s son to make trouble. The door was pushed open fiercely, and Ding Mao walked in with a rush. Pushing everyone away, Ding Mao put on the equipment, took out the scalpel, and was about to do an autopsy.

Gu Ying, Ding Mao wanted to stop, and Feng Erma’s son was crying. Having to understand Ding Mao’s anxiety, Gu Ying took the child out. The disappearance of the old river god Guo Chun is related to Mogu Dao, and Feng Erma’s death is also related to Mogu Dao. Ding Mao found a human tooth from the wound on Feng Ermabo’s neck. He was at a loss and was speechless.

Ding Mao untied Feng Erma’s sleeves, and the bruises on his arms were obvious, which seemed to be caused by being grasped forcefully. One of the bruises pressed by the fingers of his right arm was missing. Ding Mao concluded that the murderer of Feng Erma did not have the ring finger of his left hand. Guo De hesitated, and finally lit the stalks left by the master and took a breath of smoke.

When he opened his eyes, he had already entered the magic mirror of lighting a cigarette and discerning justice. There must be a black tooth in his hand, and in the illusion, he has come to the conclusion that the tooth is a drifter. Gu Ying took Xiaohai to Dingmao’s room to play in the Dragon King Temple. An unintentional skull reminded him of his father being dragged into the river by the river monster.

Originally asked Yu Si to go to the Life Gate to check if there was a person with a missing ring finger on his left hand, but in the end, he got a person like this in the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. He was the red card guard Sun Laoqi who worked with Hu Tianming to protect the dock, but he was killed when he was defending the dock with Tianming a few years ago, and the Feng Erma case was completely deadlocked. Ding, Guo and Gu came to the cemetery, preparing to dig out Sun Laoqi’s grave.

With clouds and smoke and tombstones clumping, the scene of this cemetery was so desolate that Gu Ying who came together was scared to death. Fortunately, she is still a fairy, who is also afraid of some monsters. The three dug their graves and opened the wooden coffin. Guo Deyou judged that the place had been moved, and the body was naturally not in the coffin.

The trace of the three-foot pry is very eye-catching on the lid of the coffin. It must be asserted that the matter may be related to the tomb robber. The three came to the ghost market together, but Ding Mao, who was here for the first time, was uncomfortable. Go to the depths of the ghost city, here is also the nest of tomb robbers. Ding Mao throws out all the oceans and learned from the grave thief boss that Sun Laoqi’s body was dug up by Feng Erma’s hired grave thief before his death.

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