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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 9 Recap

The god-wife mother-in-law was writing a charm at home, and Guo Deyou suddenly came. The old river god suddenly disappeared, and Guo Deyou went to the house of the god-wife without finding any results. Searching everywhere, there is no trace of the master. When asked about the goddess Aniang, she didn’t know at all. The tortoise shell divination, the coins fell everywhere, the goddess A-niang exclaimed, this is a great omen, and something big is about to happen in the river.

In order to prove Ding Mao’s innocence and willing to petition, Ding Mao came to the home of General Hu. Looking at the photo on the altar, it was the last photo of Hu Tianming, the son of President Hu. Hu Tianming and Ding Mao were childhood playmates and had a very good relationship. Mr. Hu’s wife revealed that Tianming had died for the sake of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. Now that there is no father and son, this makes her how to live alone.

When the sun rose today, the iron cows of the Wuhe Corpse Scraping Team fished out the corpse of Feng Erma, a subordinate of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, at the life gate. Boss Cui from Yishengmen Wharf brought people here, and people from the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce have also come here.

Captain Fu of the police station wanted to mediate, but the two sides were unconvinced in the dispute. Yishengmen Wharf does not admit to killing people, the Caoyun Chamber of Commerce can’t believe it. Ding Mao wants an autopsy, but Yishengmen is not willing. The entanglement was unsuccessful, and Yishengmen suggested that after a week, regardless of whether the case is resolved or not, there should be a literary fight at the Nangu Wharf of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. If either party loses, the shit bowl will be buckled on his head.

Ding Mao promised that the wharf incident was temporarily settled. Gu Ying took Feng Erma’s son to stay in the Longwang Temple temporarily, and Feng Erma’s body was also taken back to the Longwang Temple. Ding Mao now has too many doubts in his mind, and the Mogu Dao that Xiao Lanlan said is also related to Uncle Hu, he simply came to the prison, ready to ask the matter to understand. Only when the conditions were first, Uncle Hu was willing to tell everything.

The city of Tianjin once nearly flooded Qiming Village at the tip of the river. The surviving villagers all contracted a strange disease, with protruding blood vessels and rotting all over. Later, a cult called Mogu Dao suddenly appeared. The believers believed that there was a holy boy in this world who was the incarnation of the river demon. They arrested all the children in Tianjin City. The only thing that can survive as long as they drink the blood of the patient This holy boy.

Master Guo Chunguo, Uncle Hu, and Ding Mao’s father Ding Yiqiu, the three of them led troops to suppress the bandits, and they barely succeeded after days and nights of hard work. Later, because of the disgraceful battle, the government suppressed the matter, and the Mogu Road incident gradually subsided.

But now, twenty years later, Ding Yiqiu discovered that the Mogu Dao had resurrected, and it had even penetrated the interior of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the person who stole Xue Yuanyuan’s child was not someone else, but Ding Mao’s biological father Ding Yiqiu. His actions just wanted to alert the world that Mogu Dao had come back. Ding Yiqiu asked General Hu to kill himself and sink into the Haihe River.

Before Ding Yiqiu desperately wanted Ding Mao to inherit the position of chairman of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. He also wanted someone to continue to develop the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce after his death, so that his efforts would not be destroyed. once.

Ding Mao promised that Uncle Hu would protect the Caoyun Chamber of Commerce, and Ding Mao officially became the new owner of the Caoyun Chamber of Commerce. Feng Erma’s body was transported to the Longwang Temple, but his son was still standing beside him crying. There must be news of the disappearance of the old river god from the members of the Five River Corpse Collecting Team, and those who can provide clues will have to thank them in the future.

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