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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 8 Recap

It was getting late, and General Manager Hu entered the police station with Tangfan on the grounds of visiting Ding Mao. After hearing the case of the treasurer of the opium museum, Ding Mao is secretly recording the contents of the account books stolen from the opium museum. Manager Hu said, Ding Mao closed the booklet in a panic. Turning his head to look at the pendulum clock, he also wondered why Uncle Hu came here late at night.

After tasting Guiqi Wuji Soup, the two sat down to chat. I can’t forget what the master Xue Fu said, the person who took Xue Yuanyuan’s child, coughed, and crappy, Ding Mao couldn’t help thinking about his late father. Asked Uncle Hu, my father had the idea of ​​continuing. Uncle Hu refused, and the chairman devoted himself to the development of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce.

Still talking, Uncle Hu took the last cigarette from his arms and handed it to Ding Mao. Ding Mao would occasionally take a few puffs when he was upset, and would definitely not refuse. He took the cigarette and directly caused the fire. Sure enough, the housekeeper Hu really didn’t come to visit the young master this time.

There was a problem with Ding Mao’s cigarette. When Ding Mao opened the iron doors of the cells, he was stunned by the scene before him. The shopkeeper of the opium house drowned in the cell. Captain Fu of the police station was furious. The police station was the place where the prisoners were held. He was good enough to ask Ding Mao how the prisoners drowned and died.

After escaping from the opium museum, Guo Deyou sat in a wooden barrel soaking in a medicine bath. He got into the smokehouse this time and almost fainted Lao He with anger. Seeing the master lying weakly on the wooden chair, Guo Deyou felt distressed. Ding Mao still called Guo Deyou. After all, Guo De has supernatural powers, and this matter would not be easy to solve without him.

The cell is a secret room, and the key has been hanging on Ding Mao. Guo Deyou said half-truth and half-truth that Ding Mao was the prisoner, but Ding Mao refused to admit it, saying that Uncle Hu could testify. Uncle Hu mentioned that he was also suspected of murder. After all, apart from the two guards at the door in the police station that night, only Hu Shu and Ding Mao were left.

I had to make a good investigation in the police station, watch the six directions, listen to all directions, and finally found the answer in the ash remaining in the ashtray. But the whole thing was too complicated. The murderer’s modus operandi was based on his own guesswork. He had to decide to take a gamble. First, let Ding Mao confess his guilt and admit that he was the murderer.

When she came to Xiao Lanlan’s newspaper, she took a lot of effort to find out that an evil organization called Mogu Dao appeared in Tianjin 21 years ago and it was just plundering everywhere. Later, Ding Yiqiu, president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, Guo Chun, the master of Xiaohe God, and Hu Haijiang, the butler of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, led troops to besiege. Guo De did this to force out the real murderer.

That’s right, the real culprit who killed the treasurer of the King of Opium Museum was Hu Haijiang, the butler of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. With the help of Xiao Lanlan, the fact that Ding Mao had pleaded guilty to the law was written in the newspaper. When drinking tea in the morning, Hu Haijiang, who saw the news, really panicked, so Hu Haijiang went to the police station in person and took the initiative to say that he had killed Wang. The shopkeeper process.

In the early morning, the little river god returned home, but found that the old river god was missing. I searched inside and out, but found that the master had only left the cigarette stick. There must be a reasoning about how Uncle Hu killed Wang’s shopkeeper. Ding Mao almost collapsed after hearing this. He never thought that Uncle Hu, who had been taking care of him for many years, would kill.

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