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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 7 Recap

The last word Qian Zixian uttered before his death was this jasmine. Ding Mao learned that he came to the newspaper and told Xiao Lanlan. She pursed her lips meaningfully and brought Ding Mao to Juhua Hotel. Guo and Gu followed the suspicious car all the way, and they stopped at the gate of Juhua Hotel. At this time, the Juhua Hotel is very lively. Xiao Lanlan and Ding Mao also fell to the table under the waiter’s nodding and bowing. The delicacies and delicacies were served one after another, and Ding Mao ate it unceremoniously.

On the neon-flickering opera stage in the center of the hotel, a rouge-faced enchanting singer-songwriter, dressed in a red cheongsam, sang jasmine with her head. Ding Mao was surprised when he heard the word jasmine, while Gu Ying paced behind Guo Deyou and walked into the Juhua Hotel. Gu Ying took the romance first, thinking it was Guo Deyou’s gesture to herself.

To express her own feelings, the goddess A-niang often said that girls should be reserved, but Gu Ying’s words were numb, and when she saw Guo Deyou, she felt at ease in her heart. But the two came here penniless, even if it was just a glass of soda, it was hard to pay. The curtain side door leading from the hotel to the interior, made of silk and satin, a few people in gorgeous clothes have entered.

Originally, Guo De Youlaide Juhua Hotel had already suspected the strangeness of this place, just by saying that he had no money to eat, he stepped to the table and waved his hands and raised his head and shouted that there were mice in the hotel. After hearing this, the guests panicked and got up one after another, and the waiters who guarded the gate also came to investigate.

The terrified Ding Mao also picked up the tablecloth and leaned over to search for the mouse. Raising their heads by chance, Ding Mao and Guo Deyou looked at each other, their eyes were knowing, and both of them understood each other’s thoughts. It just happened that the guards at the side door of the curtain were also panicked, and all the four of you who chased me slipped in.

The interior of this Juhua Hotel was actually a huge opium hall. The two men in suits and leather shoes blocked the door, cautiously intercepting the four. The secret code could not be said, and Gu Ying beat the two with three punches and two kicks. Pushing the door and entering, the room was filled with smoke, several people at a table, leaning over and lying on their sides, they all looked like they had lost their souls. Holding a cigarette stick and vomiting white mist, he even groaned like enjoying.

The middle-aged woman who picked up the guests gave a warm hospitality and introduced the four into the private room. But it was a bitter for Guo Deyou, he could get water and fish, but he just couldn’t smell smoke. The woman picking up the guests brought the smoke cream, and the three of them helped Guo De, who was unconscious, to leave.

As soon as they left the door of the private room, the two men who had been cleaned up by Gu Ying had already blocked the door. The four of them rioted in the opium hall, and Guo Deyou could not resist the smell of smoke after all, and once again entered the illusion of lighting cigarettes to discriminate justice.

Several people turned upside down in the hall, and when they were desperate, they had to be prompted in the illusion and happened to open the door to the secret room of the opium hall. After a careful search, Ding Mao unexpectedly found the ship dispatch record of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. Xiao Lanlan also found other exits of the secret room at this time. At a good time, everyone assisted Guo De to leave quickly.

In the evening, people from the police station blocked the Juhua Hotel. Guo De had a police officer and found the treasurer Wang among the suspects. Shopkeeper Wang was taken back to the police station by Ding Mao, and under strong pressure, shopkeeper Wang told the truth. Xiao Lanlan’s fiancé Qian Zixian got a batch of opium from nowhere.

He was strong and unstable, and would kill two people from time to time. Simply, the shopkeeper Wang accidentally found the dry well, so he threw all the corpses into it. At this point, the case of a hundred floating corpses finally came to light. But the last words of shopkeeper Wang made Ding Mao speechless. The channel for purchasing these opiums was actually the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, and they were all directly connected by Ding Mao’s father, Ding Yiqiu.

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