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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 6 Recap

Gu Ying entered the morgue, screamed, and almost knocked down the armed searcher in front of him. Fortunately, when Xiao Lanlan took off the mask, the three people knew it was a false alarm. It turned out that Xiao Lanlan came earlier than the three, changed into armed men’s clothes, and sneaked in during the shift time.

There are many dead and hostile people here. They must be sent to the door to watch and force them out of the morgue. There must be Ding Mao and Ding Mao. The two of them checked the corpses on the surface. Guo Deyou can see countless people who drowned and those who were pushed into the river after death. Ding Mao learned the techniques of Western anatomy, focused on science and opposed feudalism. Ding Mao disagrees if he has to.

The blood vessels of the dead body burst out, which is far from the characteristics of the drowned person. Ding Mao brought the equipment and explored, only to discover that these people were not drowned, but all died of cyanide poisoning. By accident, they discovered that Xiao Lanlan’s fiance was also in the corpse, and they did not tell her, afraid that she would be sad.

Unexpectedly, the two ward rounds who had just avoided had already arrived at the morgue at this time. Defeated by Gu Ying’s several moves, Xiao Lanlan accidentally saw Qian Zixian’s body in the chaos. With a trace of strength in her grief, Xiao Lanlan was sorrowful and determined to investigate the murderer. Upon seeing this, Ding Mao agreed to Xiao Lanlan, and he would definitely give her a satisfactory explanation.

The dead bodies on Haihe kept on, and everyone’s thoughts became more and more chaotic. The dead baby case was investigated for a long time, but in the end even the child’s body was missing. The body of Xue Yuanyuan, the second lady of the Xue Mansion, was also dragged into the Haihe River, and then hundreds of floating corpses floated up.

There must be a death that can no longer be tolerated, and would rather harm the body, but also make a cigarette lighter to find out the truth. Someone who lit a cigarette to discriminate injustice was knocked out from the illusion. After breathing heavily, he suddenly fainted to the ground. Ding Mao was performing CPR for him, so he had to get up abruptly, grabbed Ding Mao’s clothes, and yelled the word opium.

It was not clear that day, Ding Mao hurried into the police station. He didn’t knock on the door when he entered the house, but he frightened the deputy captain of the police station. Ding Mao received Guo Deyou’s reminder that since he was holding a temporary police card in his hand, he was a special police detective in name, and hundreds of floating corpses could not control him. He had an excuse to start with this opium.

Hu Haijiang did not know the inside story, and he did not know why Ding Mao had to investigate the opium case. Fearing that he would make another moth, Hu Haijiang had to agree. In order to get news about opium, Ding Mao reluctantly came to the kiln. The girls in this kiln serve all types of guests. No, Ding Mao paid a high price, so he invited the girl who usually likes to take two bites and brought it to the room to be ready to ask.

On the bank of the Haihe River, the water transport terminal. Gu Ying and her god-wife mother-in-law threw paper money in the air to save the hundreds of floating corpses. I don’t know when I was already standing on the shore, and when I saw the goddess and mother, the two of them had a quarrel. There must be a corpse that is full of bad luck, and the goddess Aniang is full of nonsense in believing ghosts and Buddhas. With the excuse of eliminating bad luck, he jumped down the Haihe River, after several tossings, he had come to the entrance where he found hundreds of floating corpses.

Ding Mao in the room at this moment looked really embarrassed. The waiting girl sat on the bed, shy. Ding Mao seemed at a loss, pouring water and drinking tea for a while, then fiddle with the lid. Someone has to get into the entrance of the corpse and move forward curiously, but straight to a wasteland in the suburbs. Push open the manhole cover, you have to jump out of the well. Looking around, there is no one. One piece of ocean, one problem. Ding Mao emptied his pockets, and finally got news of opium and Qian Zixian from the mouth of the kiln girl.

Ding Mao informed Xiao Lanlan of the last term Qian Zixian said before his death, jasmine, but Xiao Lanlan took him to the Juhua Hotel for dinner. Gu Ying has to track a car, and the distance between the wheels seems to have some clue. In the Juhua Hotel, the two can afford to eat. The showgirl on the stage was preparing to sing a song. Unexpectedly, she sang the word jasmine as soon as she spoke. Ding Mao was surprised that Jasmine was here.

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