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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 5 Recap

Guo Deyou was panting when he floated ashore. Gu Ying Ding Mao was overjoyed and came to inquire. There must be a serious look. When the three of them were at a loss, hundreds of floating corpses floated out of the Haihe River. The place where the floating corpse was found was the water transport pier. In the early morning, outside the iron fence of the embankment of the pier, there was already a crowd of discussion. With hundreds of floating corpses, the Five Rivers Corpse Hunting Team can be very busy. After working back and forth all morning, the number of corpses recovered was almost enough to reach Liangshan.

Hu Haijiang, the deputy captain of Tianjin Wei’s police station, squeezed in from the crowd, with sunglasses stuck on his nose, wearing a brown coat, and pockets in his hands. He walked crookedly, not looking like a good person. These hundreds of floating corpses appeared at the water transport pier, and Hu Da, the butler of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, also hurried over with his servants. Hu Haijiang said to investigate carefully, and everyone knew the calculations in his heart. In order to stabilize the hearts of the people and protect the reputation of the Chamber of Commerce, Hu Da, butler, voluntarily allocated donations for the deceased.

Hu Haijiang had to understand, and he got annoying, and handed over the whole matter to the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. Hu Haijiang got Qian Zixian’s pocket watch from the police officer under his hand. This Qian Zixian was originally Xiao Lanlan’s fiance. He has been missing, but he has found this pocket watch among hundreds of floating corpses. Before the word spread, Hu Haijiang immediately sent the pocket watch to the third master of the Xiao family.

San Ye wanted to keep Hu Haijiang silent about the sealing fee for an envelope. However, the third master of the Xiao family also had some unknown secrets. He even secretly colluded with the cult organization Mogu Dao, so he had to look for something about the holy boy. At this time, the two had paid attention to Guo De, and a terrifying catastrophe was about to happen in Tianjin Wei.

Cicadas cried in the middle of the night, accompanied by candle lights. The members of the Five Rivers Corpse Hunting Team were toasting and drinking in the Muzhai. Someone suddenly joked that this tortoise is the bastard, but what is this basalt statue? When this was said, everyone was shocked. Ding Yiqiu, the president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, lost his life tied to this basalt statue.

But this basalt god seems to suppress the river demon, and the wind goes smoothly. Since seeing this basalt stone statue in the Haihe River, the surface of the Haihe River has never stopped. This made people panic, and several people quickly changed the subject.

Xiao Lanlan rushed to the newspaper office. The president ordered her to add an extra edition immediately. An epidemic broke out from the bodies recovered from the dock, and the entire charity hospital has been completely isolated. Xiao Lanlan is a rigorous person. She has not heard the news. The authenticity of the incident has yet to be verified. Even if the president ordered, Xiao Lanlan insisted on going to the local area for inspection.

The president was angry and handed over the writing of the manuscript to others. Xiao Lanlan came to Yizhuang to find Ding Mao, and the two met for the first time and had a hot chat. At this moment, Xiao Lanlan had begun to be suspicious of the charity hospital. A hundred floating corpses had just been delivered, and an epidemic broke out in less than a day. Maybe someone wanted to hide something deliberately.

Ding Mao finally decided to help Xiao Lanlan. Although the charity hospital is blocked, it is still operated by the Water Transport Association after all, and I am the eldest master of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. In any case, he has to break through once. After struggling with the gatekeeper, Ding Mao was still blocked outside the door. Xiao Lanlan could not enter the charity hospital no matter what, and decided to think of another way with Ding Mao.

At this time, the charity hospital was tightly sealed, and even a fly could not fly in. Guo Deyou finally got a clever plan, and the three of them pretended to be dead and got into the charity hospital. In the smoky corridor, the three of them were terrified, hid in hiding, and finally slipped to the door of the morgue. I thought there was a lock on the door, but Gu Ying pushed it open. The two were still staring at each other in a daze. Gu Ying had walked straight into the morgue. With a horrified scream, Guo Ding and the two hurried in to check.

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