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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 4 Recap

In the half-autumn rainy season, the red paper umbrella, Xue’s housekeeper, noble uncle, and the servants carried the mahogany coffin with the dead baby to Xue’s house and placed it next to the coffin of Xue Yuanyuan, Miss Xue’s family. Xue Yuanyuan’s coffin has not been sealed yet. Looking at Xue Yuanyuan lying in the coffin, Guo Deyou, who is standing by, showed an uncomfortable expression. Guo Deyou has one characteristic very similar to Ding Mao, that is, his ability to practice curiosity.

Since they are curious, the two of them will definitely try to satisfy their curiosity. This is not the case. He just brought the dead baby back to Xue Mansion, and Guo Deyou asked for smoke from his uncle, using the excuse of going to be unhappy for his uncle. This cigarette is indispensable for discerning injustice, and then you can guess what Guo De has to do.

In the wooden village where the river god lives, Ding Mao and the old river god Guo Chunzheng are discussing Guo Deyou’s allergic physique. At this time in the Xue family’s ancestral hall, Guo Deyou has already entered the illusion by lighting a cigarette while discerning injustice. Xue Yuanyuan stood in front of her. Everything that appears in the illusion is closely related to Xue Yuanyuan’s death. Just like last time, every time Guo Deyou comes out of the fantasy world, he will be choked by the smell of smoke.

Today, when Ding Mao changed his clothes, Hu Shu, the chief steward of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, came in. It turned out that Xiao Lanlan, the daughter of the secretary-general of the city government, was engaged. The Water Transport Chamber of Commerce and the Xiao family were at odds, but that was just a grievance in the last life.

Butler Hu wanted to let Ding Mao go with him and ease the current relationship. At night on the streets of Tianjin with bright neon lights, Xiao Lanlan’s engagement banquet was held in the leading Juhua Hotel. People who come in and out are not kind, have no status, or have no property, you can’t even get invitations.

Gu Ying and the god-grandmother also went in to join in the fun. No invitations, no courtesy, and clothes that looked like jumping ropes. The guard stopped the mother and daughter on the spot without saying a word. Fortunately, Ding Mao arrived in time to resolve the embarrassment for the mother and daughter. Without saying much, Gu Ying’s god-wife Aniang ran into the hotel. However, Guo Deyou also appeared at the door of Juhua Hotel at this time. At this moment, he had come to find Ding Mao, and he planned to explain the real cause of Xue Yuanyuan’s death tomorrow.

In Xue Mansion in the early morning, the sun has not yet taken the top. Your uncle recruited eight masked coffins from the dock to bury Xue Yuanyuan. Before taking a few steps, Guo De had three people rushing into Xue Mansion. Guo Deyou did not evasive, said quickly, and revealed the real cause of Xue Yuanyuan’s death one by one. Xue Qingyang was furious, but Guo Deyou’s analysis was speechless.

In the end, Xue Qingyang admitted that he had killed his own daughter. Don’t rush to explain, the eight porters who carried the coffin suddenly lifted the coffin and rushed out of Xue Mansion. Guo Deyou and Gu Ying pursued them all the way, but they failed to keep Xue Yuanyuan’s body.

Gu Ying learned from the uniformed footman that they were only doing things with money. And Xue Yuanyuan’s body only knew to move her to Yaowa Wharf. At the end of the words, Gu Ying stunned the speaker. She went to Yaowa Wharf alone, preparing to take Xue Yuanyuan back to her body. But everything was unexpected. Gu Ying, who had just arrived at the dock, saw a man falling into the river with Xue Yuanyuan on his shoulders. Could it be that Xue Yuanyuan’s lover wanted to die with her.

Three people in Guo De came to the bank where he had just fallen. Ding Mao used money to stop Guo Deyou and asked him to fish out Xue Yuanyuan’s body. None of the three of them expected that a closed stone cave under the water had been unintentionally opened. At this time, there were hundreds of corpses floating on the river.

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