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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 3 Recap

It is another feasting Tianjin street. Gu Ying stood on the street and shouted with the soul-calling bell. She originally took over her mother’s business and shouted souls for the long-lost man. Unfortunately, Guo Deyou, who was thinking about the dead baby, met her here. Guo Deyou, who was thinking about it, could just take the help of Gu Ying to see how the black woman in this ghost market dealt with the children from the wild road.

With that said, the two have arrived at the entrance of the ghost city. This ghost market can be regarded as a place of deep grievances. Those who can do business in this ghost market are not good. The environment here is dark and airtight all day long, and only the broken glass lamps are still swaying in the darkness. Gu Ying followed Guo Deyou’s footsteps closely, and the people walking on the street dressed strangely, making Gu Ying panic. They didn’t have much trouble, the two of them came to Hei Wenpo’s camp easily. With the lights on in the tent, Gu Ying stopped Guo Deyou and prepared to explore the way forward alone.

Before people could get into the camp, this Hei Wenpo poured a pot of blood out first. Her appearance is also very scary. The spliced ​​wooden stick blocks her left eye, but her hoarse voice directly tells the fact that Gu Ying pretended to be pregnant. This black woman had a serious mouth, and she didn’t want to reveal the identity of the suffering master who came here to deliver the baby. Despite Guo Deyou’s exhaustion, when he was silent, Po Hei Wen turned around and closed the camp.

He pulled off a strand of Guo Deyou’s hair, dipped it in the red liquid, scribbled on the paper, and did not forget the plausible spell on his mouth. Gu Ying referred to the red juice-stained paper as the face of a dead baby, exaggerated, and realistically acting, so scared that Hei Wen really believed her. A baby boy was born here before. The dead baby had a sly and fierce life and was born with a ghostly appearance. If you don’t ask, it will surely cause trouble. Hei Wen was shocked when she heard this. After this tossing, I finally got some news from Hei Wenpo.

Ding Mao was investigating the recent missing persons, but there was no news. Just when the two of them were making no progress on the incident, Gu Ying came, but it turned things around. Gu Ying inquired that Miss Xue’s family had jumped to death in the river two days ago. Xue Mansion did not say anything about it, but was secretly handling funeral affairs. Guo Deyou took the opportunity to fool Ding Mao. After all, Ding Mao is the eldest son of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. With such an identity, it is reasonable to go to Xue Mansion to offer condolences.

No one expected that Ding Mao, who arrived at Xue Mansion, was arrested by Master Xue as Xue Yuanyuan’s adulterer, and put on a shroud to be buried for Xue Yuanyuan. Ding Mao, who was still in a daze, had been pushed into Xue Yuanyuan’s coffin by his subordinates. Fortunately, Guo Deyou and Gu Ying arrived in time and revealed that Ding Mao’s identity was the eldest son of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. Hearing this, he unpreparedly gave Xue Qingyang a head. He hurriedly said that this was a misunderstanding, and let the next The man carried out Ding Mao who was thrown into the coffin.

In Xue’s guest room, Xue Qingyang couldn’t tell, and was unwilling to reveal these unknown things. Ding Mao used the temporary police card as a threat to take Xue Qingyang back to the police station for investigation. In the entanglement, Xue Qingyang, who was in a hurry, told her about Xue Yuanyuan in desperation. It turned out that Xue Yuanyuan had an affair with others outside and was pregnant with a son. After returning to Xue Mansion, Xue Qingyang, who always regarded the family’s appearance more than his life, could not bear the shame Xue Yuanyuan brought to the family, and simply put her under house arrest. One day’s negligence caused Xue Yuanyuan to take the child and escape from Xue Mansion. Unexpectedly, during the escape, Xue Yuanyuan carried the child and fell into the river and drowned.

Xue Yuanyuan’s body was recovered, but the child’s body was missing. Xue Qingyang told the whole story of the incident in 1510. Since the child was in Guo Deyou’s residence, he proposed to Xue Qingyang to take the child’s body back to the mansion and bury it with her hard-fought mother. Xue Qingyang eventually also Agreed to Guo Deyou’s proposal. When he wanted to return the child to Xue Mansion, Guo Deyou had a question in his mind. Since Xue Yuanyuan was drowned in a river, why her body was discovered earlier than the corpse corpse found. There may be some terrifying conspiracy hidden.

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