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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 2 Recap

This Guo Deyou is really bold and reckless, so he really used a cigarette lighter to justify his wrongdoing. In the illusion, he was dripping with the bone-piercing river, and in this dim illusion, he vacillated and searched. The red petal-like thing floating in front of him was guiding him, and he chased after him, only to find the body of Ding Yiqiu, the president of the Cao Yunhui, lying in front of him. The red object slowly penetrated Ding Yiqiu’s nose.

Guo Deyou got up, but he smelled the smell of smoke that made him uncomfortable. He shook his arm hard, trying to dispel the smell of smoke in front of him. In the chaos, Guo Deyou fell into the darkness of illusion. Ding Mao was talking to General Manager Hu about burning the paper people and horses used for sacrifice. General Manager Hu said that Ding Yiqiu was walking alone and wanted to burn these things to be a companion for Ding Yiqiu on the road, but Ding Mao felt disapproved. .

Suddenly remembering the handyman who had just brought the paper horse, Ding Mao recalled the figure of the man just now, but felt familiar inexplicably. In front of the ancestral hall, Ding Mao, who came downstairs, accidentally found Guo Deyou who had fallen on the ground. Before he could think about why he was here, Gu Ying fainted with a stick. Ding Mao who woke up had his hands and feet tied up.

He just wanted to call his servants to catch Guo Deyou, who was trespassing in the Chamber of Commerce, but a sentence from Guo Deyou made Ding Mao lose his expression. It turns out that Guo Deyou borrowed the technique of lighting a cigarette to discern injustices and discovered the death process of Ding Yiqiu in the illusion. This is the real purpose of his sneaking into the Caoyun Chamber of Commerce this time. The curiosity of words is also satisfied.

The dog bites Lu Dongbin and doesn’t know good people. With the help of smoking cigarettes to discriminate injustices, coupled with his own clever imagination, Guo Deyou blurted out Ding Yiqiu’s death method. It didn’t matter, but he was regarded as the most suspected person by Ding Mao. The case was originally taken over by the police station, but the case has not been resolved. The impatient Ding Mao rushed to the police station to ask for an explanation.

Ding Mao’s temperament went straight, and what to say, he criticized these police officers who had nothing to do all day. The chief of the police station came up with an idea. Since Ding Mao was so curious about the cause of his father’s death, he specially approved his identity, created a temporary police card and gave it to Ding Mao so that he could investigate the case himself.

With the temporary police card, Ding Mao ran directly to Guo Deyou’s residence, and was able to tell the cause of his father’s death without thinking. Whether it was true or not, Ding Mao insisted that Guo Deyou was most suspicious. The two of them almost moved their hands in a quarrel, and the old river god Guo Chun, who was sitting beside him, caught up with the conversation. The corpse was in the same place, floating on the same day. Since the child and Ding Yiqiu both died in this river, if you untie one of them, you know the other.

Finding out the cause of the child’s death, perhaps Ding Yiqiu’s death will also have its place. The two were arguing about the cause of the child’s death, but the old river god Guo Chun, who had long known the secret, couldn’t tell. Back in Muzhaizi, the two of them listened to Guo Chun’s instructions and made rigging on the open space in the courtyard. Soybeans were sprinkled on the hall, and Guo Chun said a secret word that needs attention in the aisles at night. Guo De was puzzled and had to follow suit.

The old river god Guo Chun really expected things like a god. He ordered Ding Mao and Guo De to do tricks in this yard to deal with the thief who stole the dead baby. The ability of the old river god is relied upon. This Ding Mao had a whim and insisted on worshiping the old river god as his teacher. This Guo Deyou’s head spins fast. He secretly went to the kiln and heard the news from the woman in charge of the kiln. The child born to this Ye Luzi had to go to the ghost market to find the black woman. Ghosts have ghosts, and ask for more blessings. This is the last word the old bust gave Guo Deyou.

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