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Tientsin Mystic S1 河神 Episode 1 Recap

There are three floating bridges and two gates at the bottom of the nine rivers and Tianjin Wei. There are many people who depend on water for food and many people die in the water. In the hearts of the people in Tianjin, the most important event is to count the annual river worship ceremony.

On the banks of the Qing River, gongs and drums rang. It should be said that this strong man wearing a mask with blue fangs, in groups of three to five, with a strange posture, prepared to dedicate the baby wrapped in yellow robe to the river god. The old lady in charge on the worship stage, with a white face in white gauze and white clothes, sings and chants to call the river god. The villagers surrounded the river bank with solemn faces, watching every move on the river. And on the wooden table on this side, the red-robed phoenix rouge girl played a scene of fighting the river monster. The river monster fell into the river, and the people clapped and applauded.

After the sacrifice, there was a link to go into the water to touch the turtle. The tortoise is a member of the Five Rivers Corpse Hunting Team, the best water in Beijing. If anyone can touch the tortoise that was let go, he can worship the old river god. These members had just gotten into the water, and they went ashore in a panic before tossing. The member Tie Niu who came ashore at last let the gathered villagers quickly disperse. The red-robed phoenix rouge girl thought he had touched the tortoise that had been let go. Seeing that he looked nervous, the lady in charge was also anxious.

As he lifted his hands ashore, a dead child with green hair on his back was thrown ashore by an iron bull. The villagers were surprised and left quickly. Tie Niu said that the Great Xuanwu God of this Zhenhe killed a person, and the master’s wife should slap her mouth and warn him not to insult the Great Xuanwu God. Unexpectedly, this Tie Niu said something even more shocking. There was still a dead person in this river.

The head of Stone Bodhisattva was tilted down in front of the door of the dilapidated wooden stockade. The red-robed phoenix rouge girl called Guo Erge into the house in a panic. After looking around in the wooden barrel, she saw Guo De, who was naked and closed Have. The river god among the population is Guo Chun, the most famous in Tianjin. When he was young, he could go down to the river, touch the corpse, and distinguish the soul. No, I’m getting older, and I opened a local gambling shop to make some money. Of course, I’m also a collector of money. Guo Deyou in the wooden barrel in front of him is Guo Chun’s capable apprentice.

In the noisy gambling room, there is a smell of bad money everywhere. Ding Mao, the young master of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, fell into the river, and the current Water Transport Chamber of Commerce is also in a mess. Manager Hu in the Chamber of Commerce is not in trouble. He came to the gambling shop to ask the old river god Guo Chun for help, and wanted to pay him to fish out Ding Mao who had fallen into the river.

The big drift in the water was fished out by the small river god Guo Deyou, and he was dragged ashore to realize that this person was actually Ding Yiqiu, the president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce. Butler Hu Da of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce thought that Ding Maojiu, who had fallen into the river, was dead, but he did not expect to see him on the bank of the river.

The death of Ding Yiqiu, president of the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce, left Ding Mao distraught. Xiaohe God has this ability to hold water, but Ding Mao’s suspicion is met. Ding Mao, who wanted to find out the truth, made a decision that was unacceptable to everyone. He wanted to perform an autopsy on his father. The guards who were with him revealed the old river god’s stunt of lighting a cigarette and arguing injustice. It happened that the old river god was present, and everyone prayed, but he couldn’t help it. In desperation, the old river god defended Ding Yiqiu’s cigarette.

After the incident, Ding Yiqiu really died unjustly, but Lao He Shen left some profound words and left with Guo Deyou.

In the Muzhai at night, Xiaohe God Guo Deyou had already guessed the mystery of today’s master Guo Chun lighting up his cigarette, but the old He God kept silent, which made Guo Deyou very helpless. Ding Mao, who returned to the Caoyun Chamber of Commerce, was full of doubts about the cause of his father’s death. Finally, he couldn’t bear his curiosity, took out the scalpel that he made, and slashed his father’s body.

Today’s Guo Deyou also really wants to know what the master discovered yesterday when he lit his cigarette to defend his grievances. He couldn’t smell the smoke, and wanted to take the risk of lighting a cigarette to defend his grievances, to see what the grievances of Ding Yiqiu’s death were. No, at this time, Guo Deyou had entered the Water Transport Chamber of Commerce by means of condolences.

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