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Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Episode 57 Recap

Empress Le Xu refused to forgive Bai Qian. Bai Qian bowed down to Ye Hua’s parents and wanted to bathe Ye Hua and let him go clean. Lian Song congratulated Feng Jiu on her inheritance of the female emperor. Feng Jiu said that her aunt had to marry into the Heavenly Palace before, so she had to pass on the female emperor to herself, but now it seems that she might not need it anymore.

Bai Qian bathed Yehua’s fairy body, tidyed up his clothes, and kissed his lips. Bai Qian couldn’t help but laugh at herself as the female emperor of Qingqiu, and he was the prince of the heavenly clan, Yehua, so she couldn’t force him to stay. In Fox Cave, Bai Qian remembered that Ye Hua told himself that he only envied his second uncle Sang Ji in his life.

Now Bai Qian finally understands the meaning of this envy. If Ye Hua is not a prince, and he is not a female king, then he can treat Ye Hua. Staying in the fox cave forever, Bai Qian cried and said that her identity was really embarrassing. When she was a mortal, she was not worthy of Ye Hua. Now she is a female monarch, and she can’t keep Ye Hua.

Bai Qian puts away her tears and faces Ye Hua. Hua gave a whisper, and she told Ye Hua that when he was guarding herself outside the fox cave for seven days and seven nights, her heart was already softened, but she was really a goddess who couldn’t put down her shelf. In fact, she forgave her a long time ago. Ye Hua, Bai Qian said silently, for the past few hundred years, Ye Hua has suffered you.

Ye Hua was put in a crystal coffin. Bai Qian asked the people of the Celestial Clan that Ye Hua slept very deeply, so please be lighter when you lift it up. Bai Qian asked the majesty that he could go to Wuwanghai together, and the majesty said Wuwanghai was the holy land of the heavenly clan and rejected Bai Qian. The people of the heavenly clan got up and took Yehua’s Xuanjing coffin out of Qingqiu. Bai Qian chased out of the cave and knelt on the ground, crying bitterly for Yehua’s. first name.

The emperor and the others brought Yehua’s fairy body back to the palace. Feng Jiu followed the emperor and the others all the way to the palace and kept guarding outside the palace gate. The emperor came to Feng Jiu, and Feng Jiu had something to ask the emperor. She was always worried about the emperor. The injury on the riverside of Ruoshui was a serious problem.

The emperor told Feng Jiu that he was okay, and also told Feng Jiu that if he hadn’t erased his name on the Sanshengshi back then, he would like her. Feng Jiu was shocked, Dijun. Word by word, when she went down to the earth, not just for Feng Jiu, but also to perfect herself. After talking about the emperor, she turned around and left. Although Feng Jiu finally heard the word like in the emperor, she knew that she and The love of the emperor is finally over.

After Ye Hua left, Bai Qian was so distraught that she was in the peach blossom forest all day long, drunk and dreaming. Ye Hua’s phantom often appeared in front of her eyes. Seeing Ye Hua Qian’s smile and looking at herself, Bai Qian hugged Ye Hua tightly and told her, she had been thinking about whether she could see him if she too was gone. ,

But I wondered again, if I was wiped out in ashes, would I never remember Ye Hua again? So, I shouldn’t be wiped out in ashes, at least I can see him smiling at me, and wait for Bai Qian to look at him again. In Yehua, the illusion dissipated, and finally it was a emptiness, Bai Qian lost his soul.

Bai Zhen couldn’t stand Xiao Wu torturing herself like this, angrily said that she has been alive for so long, still can’t see life and death? Bai Qian lamented that she broke the Endurance Lantern. The memories from three hundred years ago came back. She only remembers Ye Hua’s badness, and completely forgot Ye Hua’s goodness to him, but now Ye Hua is no longer here, he treats himself Fortunately, I passed it over and over again in my head. Bai Qian laughed at herself and Bai Zhendao.

When he came to find herself from the mirror, she cursed plausibly, saying that she had been pursuing the things she couldn’t get all her life, and she didn’t cherish it when she got it. But now, how can it be that I am now, the river is full of moon, the night is silent, and there is nothing to do, so I have to sleep.

In the dream, Bai Qian finally saw Ye Hua. Ye Hua sat in the peach forest. He raised his head and smiled and asked Qian Qian. Come and tell me about the story you read yesterday. In the dream, Ye Hua explained what he was in the world with the doll. There is no relationship. It was just someone who came to serve his mother.

He also explained to Bai Qian that he hadn’t seen Su Jin since he was a child, and whom Su Jin was married to had nothing to do with him, and it was definitely not because of Su Jin’s remarriage. Only when I fell in love with Bai Qian, Bai Qian was nestling next to Ye Hua, and even knew that in his dreams, everything was so sweet and sweet. Bai Qianchen didn’t want to wake up in this dream.

Bai Qian told Ye Hua’s clothing mound that she missed her. She told Ye Hua that his parents said that she was not married to him, and that she could not keep the corpse capital for herself. She saw him in a dream. It’s so good, Bai Qiandao, if Ye Hua can hear her own thoughts, then come to her dreams often.

In a blink of an eye, Feng Jiu is about to inherit the Empress Qingqiu. The queen fox dresses Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu asked her grandmother. The aunt has been traveling around with her fourth uncle for three years. Will she be back today? The queen fox doesn’t know, Bai Yidai As Feng Jiu went to accept the pilgrimage of the people of Qingqiu, Feng Jiu always missed the emperor.

Earlier, the commander came to tell him that after the death of Ye Huaxian, the emperor had been sorrowful, so he handed over the affairs of the heavenly clan to the emperor for management. Jiu feels sorry for the hard work of the emperor. Feng Jiu knew that after he took over as the Qingqiu female emperor, he could no longer ignore his identity and go out to the Taichen Palace to serve the emperor to accompany him with tea.

Feng Jiu was worshipped by the people of Qingqiu, and the commander gave Feng Jiu a gift from the emperor. The emperor sent Feng Jiu with a picture of his past battles with his father in the world. The commander told Feng Jiu, and Feng Jiu opened this picture. It becomes clear that there are many deserts and vicissitudes of life.

The paintings on this map no longer exist. Compared with the big world, there are some things that are not worth worrying about. The emperor is in the palace of the morning, looking at it with a bronze mirror. At the appearance of Feng Jiu’s successor, when the emperor got up, the red foxtail on his waist was extremely dazzling.

Bai Qian and Bai Zhen are watching a play in the world, and they are meeting Zhiyue who is also watching the play. Zhiyue asks Bai Qian for a bead for a reward. Even if the two of them know each other like this, Bai Zhen has brought them for three years.

Bai Qian traveled all over the world, hoping that she could wake up from Ye Hua’s grief, Bai Qian only said that since she dreamed of Ye Hua three years ago, she took her dreams as real to live, and sees reality as an empty fantasy. The same is not bad, it’s just a different way of living, and this way of living makes oneself happy and satisfied, it can be regarded as open.

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