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Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Episode 56 Recap

Li Jing wanted to imprison Qingcang Yuanshen in the Da Ziming Palace and make a break with Qingcang, but he didn’t realize that Qingcang brought out Fang Tian’s painting halberd. Not only did he not kill Qingcang Yuanshen, but was instead Qingcang. Because of the death of Li Jing, Qing Cang had added more than 100,000 years of cultivation base. Qing Cang vowed to be buried in all corners of the world and the world would be annihilated.

Qing Cang’s mana increased greatly, and the Eastern Emperor’s Bell was about to be broken. Feng Jiu was bounced back by the impact of the Eastern Emperor’s mana. The emperor called Jiu’er to catch Feng Jiu. Kunlun was too far away.

The emperor told Tianshu to let him He hurried to Qingqiu to find Bai Qian. Bai Qian knew about the sealing spell, and the emperor decided to use the primordial spirit to block Qingcang. Feng Jiu stopped the emperor. She told the emperor that he would live his own life and that he would not live alone. Cang Fa force broke through the Eastern Emperor’s Bell, and Feng Jiu stood in front of the emperor and was seriously injured.

Si Ming came to invite Bai Qian to go to Ruoshui River. Bai Qian was shocked that Donghuang Bell was about to have another accident. He finally left the fox cave. Ye Hua held Bai Qian’s sleeve, and Bai Qian shook Ye Hua’s hand without answering. He meant that Ye Hua followed Bai Qian and went all the way to the Ruoshui River.

When Bai Qian arrived, Ruoshui River was under a monstrous white wave, heavy black clouds pressed above it, and the tower-like Donghuang Bell shook on the shore of Ruoshui, and even this land was tumbling. Su Jin saw that the big things were not good. Run away secretly. Bai Qian’s secret way is not good, she rushed to the East Emperor Bell, and was about to start a battle with Qingcang, but her figure was suddenly frozen, and she was dragged back to the shore by Yehua’s spell. Bai Qian said anxiously to you, Yehua. What are you doing, let me go.

Ye Hua handed Bai Qian to Si Ming and the land on the shore, saying that now your cultivation level can’t match Qing Cang, let me come, Bai Qian shouted desperately, Ye Hua, you dismissed your cultivation base to Master, you are now even more unable to fight against him, you are going to die, Ye Hua did not answer, holding the sword, rushing to the clouds in the wind, Qing Cang broke out from the East Emperor Bell.

The lightning and thunder of the two-person fighting method reached the sky. Watching Ye Hua fight Qingcang bitterly in the sky with white eyes, he couldn’t get rid of Ye Hua’s fixation technique, and felt sad in his heart.

Qing Cang and Ye Hua were inseparable from the fight. If the shore of the water is full of sand and rocks, and the sky is full of loess, they finally fall back to the ground. Both lose and lose. Bai Qian’s body fixation is gone, and she flies forward to support the night.

Hua, I just heard Qingcang laugh three times and coughed, I lost to you today, and I refuse to accept it. If it wasn’t for my rebellious son that hurt my vitality today, and the bell gave me some strength, I would never lose to you. Boy, Ye Hua slowly stood up with Bai Qian’s support, saying, you are still defeated after all.

At this moment, the East Emperor Bell burst into a bloody red light, and everyone panicked. Ye Hua suddenly raised her head and asked Qingcang in a deep voice, what did you do on the East Emperor Bell? Qing Cang smiled triumphantly, faintly speaking, it took him 70,000 years to connect his life with the Eastern Emperor Bell. If he died, the Eastern Emperor Bell would release the red lotus karma fire, and Qing Cang arrogantly said. , To bury him in all kinds of wasteland.

The East Emperor Bell was already unstoppable, and the red lotus industry fire burned half of the sky red. Ye Hua couldn’t help but flew forward again. Bai Qian was desperately stopped by Bai Zhen from letting her go forward, so she had to beg Ye Hua to come back on the bank of Ruoshui.

Ye Hua looked at Bai Qian from a distance, turned around resolutely, and sacrificed the East Emperor Bell with his own soul. Finally, the East Emperor Bell returned to tranquility. The red light flashed a few times and disappeared, and a black figure fell from the East Emperor Bell. , Bai Qian staggered and flew up to catch Ye Hua. Ye Hua had a pale face with traces of blood on the corners of her mouth.

She leaned on her arms, her black clothes were soaked in blood, she was tight. Hold Ye Hua Dao tightly, are you going to swallow the blood back into your stomach again? You are only a little bit weaker now, and you won’t be disappointed. Ye Hua has recovered from coughing up blood, obviously even speaking very hard. Still have to pretend to be calm and say, I’m nothing, this kind of injury won’t get in the way, Qian Qian, don’t cry.

Bai Qian’s tears were already hazy, she just looked at Ye Hua’s eyes and said, tell me, you are going to die, right, Ye Hua’s body became stiff, and Mo Yuan woke up with no strength, you use Mo Yuan to stay together, he I will take care of you and do better than me. I feel relieved. Bai Qian stared at Ye Hua in a daze. Ye Hua panted. Qian Qian I will only love you in my life.

Don’t forget me, Ye Hua. Bai Qian’s voice was gradually sinking, Bai Qian leaned against his ear and roared, “You can’t die, Ye Hua, if you dare to die, I’ll go to Zheyan and ask for the potion. I will forget you completely. , Ye Hua trembled, and pulled out a smile, saying, that’s good, Ye Hua left Bai Qian’s last sentence in this world, it’s that kind of sentence.

Si Ming returned to the Heavenly Palace to resume his life and told Tianjun Yehua to sacrifice the East Emperor Bell with Yuanshen. Empress Le Xu fainted with grief, the bell on the Kunlun Void rang and Mo Yuan’s heart cramped. He knew that someone used Yuan. Shensheng sacrificed the Eastern Emperor Bell.

Bai Qian set up an immortal barrier on the banks of Ruoshui River. No one was allowed to approach herself and Ye Hua. She only held Ye Hua, her eyes were dizzy, and she didn’t say a word. Sighing that now, looking like this, Bai Qian is going to hold Yehua to sit on the riverside of Ruoshui for a lifetime. When everyone was helpless, Mo Yuan rushed over. Bai Qian saw that Mo Yuan finally recovered and removed the immortal barrier, begging Master that there must be a way to save Ye Hua, right, Mo Yuan probed Ye Hua’s breath, and said in deep pain.

Qiwei Ye Hua set up a coffin, Ye Hua, he was out of anger, Bai Qian didn’t believe it, she didn’t believe it anyway, she asked in pain that when Master Yuanshen Shengsheng sacrificed the East Emperor Bell, everyone told herself he was gone. But I didn’t believe it, and now I waited for the master to come back, didn’t he? Mo Yuan persuaded Bai Qian to find a good place to settle Ye Hua even if he had to wait, and Bai Qian brought Ye Hua back to Qingqiu.

The heavenly gods sent by Tianjun to pick up Yehua’s immortal body knelt at the entrance of the Qingqiu cave for several days, trying to bring back Yehua’s immortal body, but they returned without success. Bai Qian stayed by Ye Hua’s side all the time. Su Jin was unable to inform the Celestial Clan about the change of the Eastern Emperor Bell due to escape from the battlefield. Ye Hua was left alone and helpless. He sacrificed the Eastern Emperor Bell with Yuanshen.

Tianjun was furious and guilty of her, degrading Su Jin under the Ninth Heaven, and eternal life. No longer naturalized. Because Bai Qian had been protecting Ye Hua’s immortal body, Tianjun had no choice but to ask the emperor to go to Qingqiu to persuade and take Yehua’s immortal body back, so the emperor went to Qing together with his three Highnesses and Empress Lexu. mound.

Seeing Bai Qian, Empress Le Xu shivered in anger. When she was Susu that day, Yehua didn’t even need to be a prince. Although Sujin won her eyes, Yehua also suffered for her. After three months of thunder torture, and even after she jumped from Zhuxiantai, Empress Le Xu asked Bai Qian angrily, now why is she occupying Ye Hua’s body and not letting their parents like them take it back. , Baiqian’s throat became astringent, but she couldn’t make a sound.

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