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Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Episode 54 Recap

Migu and Feng Jiu came to see Bai Qian. Bai Qian told them that he was the Susu of the day. Feng Jiu exclaimed that if her aunt was really Susu of the day, she would have suffered all the grievances in the Tiangong. Bai Qian told them indifferently that she was the Susu of the day. When Calendar Jie, Sujin took a pair of eyes from her, thinking that those eyes were not suitable for her after all, and she was not very comfortable raising them. Bai Qian asked Feng Jiu if she should get these eyes back. Feng Jiu told her aunt truthfully, if Su Su really was her aunt, he would definitely get it back.

Bai Qian remembered all the humiliation and grievances she suffered when she was Su Su, and in accordance with Bai Qian’s usual love-hate temperament, she was already angry at this time, and went to the lotus pond to get the Yuqing Kunlun fan. Kill the palace. Feng Jiu realized that Auntie was going to find Sujin to settle the accounts, and he couldn’t let Auntie suffer any more, so he hurriedly went to Tiangong with Bai Qian. The guards of Tiangong didn’t know Feng Jiu and stopped Feng Jiu outside the palace gate. Feng Jiu could only watch her aunt kill to Xiwu Palace alone, and was anxiously at a loss.

Bai Qian stopped Xinnu outside the door, and went straight into Bai Qian’s bedroom. Su Jin was really shocked when she saw Bai Qian and she drove to her head. Su Jin was very frightened. Seeing that Bai Qian was only looking at herself faintly, Su Jin held a smile and said that God must have come to ask about the current situation of Jun Shang.

Su Jin deliberately stabbed Bai Qian Dao’s Su Su in the mortal world with a smile. Okay, I will take care of you very well. Bai Qian answered her calmly, so and so, it’s the best, but today, God is here to care for you, Bai Qian smiled dignifiedly, Su Jin, you have used the eyes of your upper body for three hundred years. That’s great.

Su Jin suddenly raised her head, with no blood on her face. She trembled and said to you, what did you just say, Bai Qian stroked the fan in her hand and smiled. Three hundred years ago, she lost her eyes. Here, I came here to take it when I thought of it today. Look, whether you did it yourself or the gods did it yourself, Su Jin took two steps back and sat on the ground so scared that her lips trembled and said that you are, you are vegetarian. Vegetarian?

Bai Qian’s impatient way is whether you do it yourself or the gods do it yourself, Su Jin clutching her sleeves tightly, crying and laughing, that woman, that woman is obviously a mortal, how could she be? You, Bai Qian said angrily, what a mortal, what a god, just because I was sealed with mana three hundred years ago and turned into a mere mortal, so I let you, a little god, take my eyes and kill me. ?

Su Jin was already sitting paralyzed on the ground with fright, trembling and unable to make a sentence. Bai Qian approached the gods in Japan on a happy occasion. She drank a little more and her hands were shaking. It might be a little painful, so bear with it. Su Jin kept backing and shouting that you can’t, you can’t, Bai Qian thought it was funny, Su Jin, how did your own eyes hurt, how did God’s eyes get into your eye sockets, both of us I know, I know, the eyes of the gods, why can’t I take them back?

Is it your thing after being in your eye socket for three hundred years? After that, the fan in Bai Qian’s hand moved sharply. Su Jin suddenly screamed, and Bai Qian told Su Jin that Tianjun quietly changed his eyes to Su Jin, and now he quietly returned it. At the beginning, she owed herself two things, one was eyes. One is Zhuxiantai. Now the debts of the eyes are gone.

The debts of Zhuxiantai paused in vain and looked at Sujin Dao with contempt. Or you can jump off Zhuxiantai with a serious eight hundred dollars, or you and Tianjun Said that with your meager magic power to guard the Eastern Emperor Bell, you will never live forever and never go to heaven. After speaking, Bai Qian decided to go, leaving Sujin hysterical.

Feng Jiu had been blocked outside the palace gate and could not enter the palace, and was very anxious. It happened that Emperor and Si Ming were passing by. The Emperor asked Si Ming to go and see what Feng Jiu was doing here. Si Ming proved to the guards. Feng Jiu Qingqiu Diji’s identity, Feng Jiu entered the palace and was busy looking for her aunt. He was stopped by Si Ming. Only when Si Ming asked did he know the ins and outs of the matter. It turned out that Susu that day was now Bai Qian. God, Feng Jiu hurriedly didn’t find her aunt. By chance, she ran into Su Jin, who was going to find Tianjun to sue Li Hua with rain.

Feng Jiu was only arguing with her, but Su Jin pretended to be extremely innocent. On the contrary, he poured dirty water on Bai Qian and made a scene in which Bai Qian bullied the women of the Celestial race at will on the basis of his status as a god. Feng Jiu couldn’t say that Su Jin, and he was biased towards Su Jin’s tribal leader. We reprimanded that when Feng Jiu didn’t know how to stand up for his aunt, the emperor appeared, and everyone saw the main hall and went to ask Tianjun to comment.

At this time, the main hall of the Tiangong Palace was getting into trouble over the affairs of Bai Qian and Sujin, but Bai Qian came to Zhuxiantai in despair. He came along with the memory of three hundred years, and he was a mortal in Jiuzhong Heaven that day. The grievances and humiliation that Su Su suffered in the show, and his humble hopes that were obliterated, made Bai Qian feel desolate. Bai Qian couldn’t just let go of what happened three hundred years ago. It’s really hard to forgive Ye Hua for a while.

At this time, the mortal Yehua spent his entire life looking for Qingqiu, waiting for Bai Qian to marry him, and finally he was overwhelmed and dying. Before he died, he also asked the puppet Susu to wait until after he died. The beads that Bai Qian gave to herself were buried with herself, and after talking about Yehua’s mortal tribulations, it was forgotten. Ye Hua woke up and found that he was actually in Kunlun. It turned out that it was Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan was in retreat, but he still wanted to meet his younger brother. Mo Yuan told Ye Hua’s life experience. Hua was shocked.

On that day, God Father placed his soul in the golden lotus. Later, God Father returned to chaos and handed over the golden lotus to himself. Bai Qian used to take care of this golden lotus most in Kunlun Xuzhong. It seems that he The relationship with Bai Qian was doomed long ago, and Ye Hua’s heart was turbulent after hearing Mo Yuan’s words.

In the Great Hall of the Nine Heavens, Su Jin Chuchu knelt down in front of Tianjun pitifully, pretending to be persecuted. The leaders of the various branches were even more emotional, angrily trying to seek justice for Su Jin. Tianjun couldn’t make a decision for a while, the emperor. He came forward and told Tianjun that Su Jin was his concubine. If today Jun came to judge how wrong this matter is, the emperor took the initiative to take the matter over.

He was once the master of heaven and earth without setting up a harem. People who have nothing to do with any branch will judge this matter. Tianjun knew in his heart that the emperor wanted to withdraw himself from this matter. At the moment it seemed that this was the safest way. Tianjun agreed to the emperor’s request. As for Sujin , Tianjun is helpless, everything depends on her personal good fortune.

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