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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 22 End Recap

Yao Junmo used his lawyer’s contacts to find someone to secretly investigate Qiao Li’s background. The informant reported that he could find news and news about Qiao Li’s brilliant business achievements or a positive image of a philanthropist in the past few years, and nothing else. Qiao Li seemed to be careful about his own news footprint. Yao Junmo’s investigation was fruitless.

The informant mentioned that the only useful thing was the rumor that Lin Shenpeng and Qiao Li were rivals in love. Yao Junmo thought of what might be found in the Hengsheng Archive. Qiao Li and Yao Yao wedding scene. Qiao Li was waiting for Yao Yao on the stage. Brother Yao Junmo walked slowly to Yao Yao, who was wearing a wedding dress, on his behalf of his father. Lin Weiling followed closely. Yao Yao walked to Qiao Li’s side, and Lin Weiling retreated to the side.

The wedding was carried out in order, and everyone felt that the overall situation was irreversible. Suddenly two late guests appeared on the scene, and they came high-profile to attract everyone’s attention. One is Qiao Li’s ex-wife, and the other is Hu Qianyu who has been missing for many days.

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