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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 21 Recap

In the surgery room A/B of the Hong Kong Hospital, Hu Qianyu and Hu Xin were rescued separately. When the two were in a coma, Hu Qianyu flashed back to the warm scene of just going to bed with Lin Weiling, while Hu Xin flashed back to the scene of conflict and quarrel with Zhang Huainian.

In Shenzhen, Li Muchen received Lin Weizero from Hong Kong and returned to Shenzhen. The car TV kept broadcasting the news that Yao Yao was about to marry Qiao Li, and kept reporting that Hu Qianyu and Chen’s huge compensation would not hesitate to sell his wife for survival. Lin Weiling’s face was bad, and Li Muchen turned off the screen.

Lin Weiling did not expect Yao Yao would really marry Qiao Li in order to save Hu Qianyu, and Li Muchen asked Lin Weiling’s state of mind. For Li Muchen, Lin Weiling was calm, she didn’t want Yao Yao to delay her life’s happiness. Li Muchen told Lin Weiling that Yao Yao would marry Hu Qianyu if he didn’t marry Qiao Li. Lin Weizheng replied, even so she did not want Yao Yao to marry Qiao Li.

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