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Long For You (2017) 我与你的光年距离 Episode 9 Recap

Gu Shiyi was upset by many recent events, absent from training, and was reprimanded by the president. Lin Lin witnessed the situation in front of him, and did not blame Gu Shiyi together, but called him with a smile, reminding Gu Shiyi with a certain finger, not to be disturbed by others. Gu Shiyi didn’t understand the deep meaning, just as a leader’s teaching, nodded, and continued to practice. Jiang Huai was walking on his way home from class. Suddenly, his mouth was blocked by the black man who had been waiting for a long time, and he was directly plugged into the van. The horrified Jiang Huai was asking for help. The people in the car were expressionless. Go straight to a villa. The greeted secretary smiled and said hello to Jiang Huai. Jiang Huai was shocked. I didn’t know what these people wanted to do to her. Finally, the owner of the house finally spoke slowly. This person is Zhang Minzhi and Mrs. Min who are returning home.

Mrs. Min explained the intention to Jiang Huai. She wanted to contact Xue Ji by the hand of Jiang Huai. Before Jiang Huai made it clear to Xue Ji, Mrs. Min anxiously rushed the phone and informed Xue Ji to find time to meet with Xue Xue. Ji’s secrets were about to be greeted, Xue Ji worried about Jiang Huai’s safety, and agreed to Mrs. Min’s request. Mrs. Min let go of Jiang Huai. Xue Ji had been waiting for Jiang Huai to come back at her doorstep.

Thinking of the thrilling scene this morning, Jiang Huai wanted to help Xue Ji who was stabbed by Mrs. Min, and asked about the grievances of Xue Ji and Mrs. Min. Huai knew that he and Mrs. Min had known each other decades ago, and hurriedly made excuses to cover up the facts. Looking at the innocent and good-looking Jiang Huai, Xue Ji petted Jiang Huai’s head petulantly, and promised that she could help her realize several wishes. He joked to Jiang Huai that he was the magic lamp of Jiang Huai’s wish. Jiang Huai feels that this sentence seems to have known each other. It seems that Jiang Huai’s mother said so before.

Gu Shiyi struggled to sleep at home, always thinking about Xue Ji, unable to sleep, he dressed and went out, and came to Xue Ji’s door. Proud and shy Gu Shiyi did not want Xue Ji to discover his concern and care. So I had to raise my leg outside and jumped, and wanted to sneak a look outside the house. Just as he struggled to jump up and looked at his home, Xue Ji behind him shouted aloud, and Gu Shiyi, who was found, smiled awkwardly and hurriedly explained that he was just coming out to exercise. Xue Ji was very pleased to see Gu Shiyi and invited Gu Shiyi to be a guest at home. Gu Shiyi’s expression on her face was inexcusable, but in fact she was already full of heart.

Gu Shiyi came to the living room and saw Chunshan who was watching TV leisurely, watching Xueji and Chunshan look very close together. Gu Shi was out of breath, while Xue Ji and Jiang Huai went to the kitchen to cut fruit, Gu Shi Yi sat aside and looked at Chunshan quietly. Unsuspecting Chunshan friendly talked to Gu Shiyi, and when he heard that Chunshan said that he and Xueji lived with him, Gu Shiyi was so jealous that he left the house sullenly.

Along the way, Gu Shi’s relationship with Chunshan and Xueji was very mindful, and he kept blaming Xueji’s implausible affairs. Suddenly, a car light gradually turned on Gu Shiyi, and Gu Shiyi watched alertly, a black car passing by Gu Shiyi. There was a sly smile on the rear view mirror, and the gold bracelet on the wrist shone in the night. This situation has happened to Gu Shiyi more than once. The troubled Gu Shiyi hurriedly reported the incident to the president. The president thought that it was just an illegitimate meal that was secretly tracked. After a few words, he hung up the phone. , And continue to chat with Miss Lin. After hearing about Gu Shiyi being followed, Miss Lin didn’t seem too surprised, but just echoed, reminding the president to care about the safety of trainees.

Miss Lin calmly lifted the wine glass and shook it. The wine glass full of red wine and the golden bracelet on her wrist gently collided, making a crisp sound. Xue Ji was not glum because Gu Shiyi didn’t tell her. A crisp doorbell rang outside the door. Xueji ran to the door excitedly, thinking that Gu Shi came back to find her. When the door opened, Li Zhe was carrying a large package of snacks. Smiling softly at Xue Ji.

When Li Zhe came to Xue Ji’s house, in addition to delivering food to Xue Ji, she also told Xue Ji that Gu Shiyi was being followed. Xue Ji frowned and thought about it, remembering the phone call with Mrs. Min in the morning, Soon the answer came to me. Seeing that Xue Ji’s situation was not scared, Li Zhe smiled bitterly. Isn’t all the terrible things, Xue Ji won’t be afraid. Xueji shook her head with a smile, and she was also afraid of the dark, she didn’t eat enough, and even more afraid of losing her true heart. When asked about Li Zhe, Li Zhe did not shy away from confessing that he was particularly afraid of himself.

Li Zhe, who left Xue Ji’s house, suddenly killed the driver today and drove home by himself. The rain was dripping from the outside, halfway to the side of the road, staring at the blurred window, remembering the unspeakable memories of the past. When he was a child, his father did not know where he was going. His biological mother was forced to the corner by a strange woman, stabbed his heart with a sharp knife, his dying mother stared, and looked at the woman in pain, until she was out of breath. Slowly paralyzed sitting on the ground. In this scene, Li Zhe who was hiding and witnessed everything, never felt safe again.

Li Zhe, who was awakened in his memories, opened the car door and allowed the rain to hit his face. Li Zhe stood outside the car and refused to go home for a long time. After worshiping the world, Xueji and Enshan sat beside the dim candle, Enshan gently lifted Xueji’s hijab, and Xueji looked at him happily, Enshan gently hugged Xueji, but her eyes were not the same The feeling of happiness, but closed his eyes in despair, and groped with the other hand at the pillow until he found a dagger.

The dagger stabbed at Xueji from the back without hesitation. A little blood on the corner of his mouth stained Xueji’s delicate makeup. Xueji froze, but then laughed again, and Enshan hugged Xueji in pain, watching The woman killed by his own hands died slowly in his arms. Gu Shiyi was awakened from his dream, looking at his blood-stained hands, and recalling in horror what happened in the dream.

The next afternoon, Chunshan was bored for a while, playing with Jiang Huai’s phone, and accidentally found the positioning software installed on Jiang Huai’s phone. Feeling suspicious, Chunshan held a mobile phone to remind Jiang Huai, and Jiang Huai was also very surprised, thinking about who was secretly doing something in her hands. After thinking for a while, Jiang Huai immediately locked her target and went out to find her angrily, and Chunshan was worried that Jiang Huai would be in trouble, and followed Jiang Jiang to the university’s public class classroom. Find the grandma reading at the table.

Jiang Huai slammed his mobile phone in front of Grandma and asked loudly if Grandma had previously used location software to track himself secretly. Grandma gave a scornful laugh, mainly anti-customers, and took out the slip previously written by Jiang Huai to the senior, and read it out loud in front of everyone, vilifying Jiang Huai as a scum woman who seduced her boyfriend, and was humiliated. Jiang Huai was speechless for a while, and could only look awkwardly at the surrounding students’ pointing. Suddenly, a pair of warm hands tightly wrapped Jiang Huai’s shoulders.

Jiang Huai is my girlfriend. Chunshan said provocatively to Grandma. Grandma couldn’t believe that the handsome and tall boy in front of him would look at the thin and inconspicuous Jiang Huai. Jiang Huai also choked, looked up, and looked at Chunshan who secretly winked at himself. Aya’s face was red-eared and red, and she was trying to refute, but was blocked by Chunshan’s words. She had to watch as Chunshan pulled Jiang Huai’s hand out of the classroom.

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