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Long For You (2017) 我与你的光年距离 Episode 7 Recap

Xue Ji agrees to let Jiang Huai’s mother come, but she proposes that she does not want to mention her mother’s kindness in the future. Jiang Huai asked Xue Ji what kind of feeling would she feel when she fell in love with her. Xue Ji said that sometimes she would not find out when she fell in love with someone. Jiang Huai asked Xue Ji whether he liked Gu Shiyi because of dreams. Xue Ji didn’t answer. At this time, Tao De called, and something happened at home. Xi Xueji rushed to see Tao De, and Li Zhe was also present. Tao De told Xue Ji that she would not have to participate in charity activities anymore, and she had already done something for her. He also brought bad news.

Ke Yan was dead, and the police did not find out why. Xue Ji scornfully said that some people were too greedy, and she suspected that Ke Yi’s death was related to Qin Si. Jiang Huai and the seniors, A Ying came over to say hello. She invited Jiang Huai to drink coffee. Jiang Huai left because she had no time to pick up her mother. The senior invited A Ying to drink coffee. Jianghuai took her mother to the villa. When mother Jiang saw the house was big and handsome, she couldn’t help telling why Jianghuai didn’t ask her brother to live together.

Jiang Huai was helpless and said he was just borrowing and living at a friend’s house. Mother Jiang knew that Xueji was a kind-hearted daughter, and this time she brought her relics to Xueji. Jiang Huai saw the pictures of her mother and Xueji’s mother, and marveled that Xueji and her mother looked like each other. After Xi Xueji returned, Ms. Jiang had fallen asleep. Jiang Huai showed her the photo and asked to take a picture with her. Xue Ji could not bear her, and took a picture covering her cheek with her hand. Xi Xueji has always avoided seeing Ms. Jiang. After a week like this, Ms. Jiang is leaving, and she sees that Xueji has not come out to send her that she is rude. Jiang Huai had to wake up Xueji to come down and say goodbye to Mother Jiang.

Mother Jiang stayed for a moment when she saw Xue Ji, but didn’t think much about it. She reacted very coldly to her talking about Xue Ji, and turned back to the house after a few words. Mother Jiang was very upset and thoughtless. gone. Wu Xueji told Jiang Huai that her brother had died and she was going to France. When she was away, a friend Chunshan was going to live in the villa for a while. Back to France, Xueji inquired about the operation of Todd and got a positive answer. Tao De said that Ke Yan died of drunk driving, and an autopsy report revealed that there was a sleeping pill component in his body. It was not clear whether the accident or homicide had occurred.

In addition, they noticed that a prominent person was investigating Xueji. Xueji didn’t panic and let them continue to pay attention. Qin Si told Xue Ji that she was very pleased to meet her and tried to close the relationship. Xue Ji bluntly said that she did not want to be a mother and daughter with a murderer, and insinuated that she killed Ke Ji. Qin Si pretended not to understand her and accused her of being impolite, saying that she would not provoke her, but hoped that she would not bother too much. Xueji told her that even if she got everything she wanted, she would never be satisfied, and she would never stop. I wish she wouldn’t put her hand to her, or she would never let her go. Jiang Huai was walking outside, and Chunshan called. She thought it was a harassment call but didn’t answer it. After a few calls, she learned that it was Chunji, Xueji’s friend. She ran back to the villa panting all the way, and kept apologizing to him when he saw Chunshan, and Chunshan forgave him.

Seeing that she had properly arranged her meals and accommodations, Chunshan felt good about this kind girl. Gu Shiyi holding a mobile phone and wanted to send a message to Xue Ji, but did not know what to say, and finally sent a sentence of sadness and change. Xue Ji immediately called him when she saw the message. Gu Shiyi clarified that she only wanted to persuade her to send her a message. Xue Ji said that she was fine. At her indifferent tone, Gu Shiyi was upset again, saying that she didn’t care about her feelings. If she happened, she wouldn’t be indifferent. Xue Ji said firmly that she would not allow such things to happen to him. Tong Mingze and Tai Hou blame Gu Shi for her indifferent attitude towards Xue Ji, but they also know that Gu Shiyi actually likes Xue Ji.

At this moment, the president brought Miss Limbella, the company’s director, to come and greet them. Mingze and Taihou hurriedly greeted Miss Lin, but Gu Shiyi did not move. Miss Lin praised Gu Shiyi for his good performance. At the family meeting, the inheritance of Ke’s property was discussed. Qin Si claimed that he loved Ke’s most and had the best relationship with him. His will stated that the inheritance was inherited by her. Deterred by Qin Si’s methods, no one else protested, only Xue Ji loudly disagreed.

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