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Long For You (2017) 我与你的光年距离 Episode 6 Recap

Xue Ji moves out of her apartment and moves to new home. Gu Shiyi accompanied Xue Ji, who was afraid of the dark, to the balcony waiting for a call. Watching Xue Ji was sleepy and afraid to return to the room, Gu Shiyi accompanied her to the bed again, waiting for her to sleep, watching Xue Ji sleep sweetly. Like this, Gu Shiyi quietly fiddled with her hair with her hands, secretly rejoicing. It didn’t take long for the tired Gu Shiyi to withstand the sleepy invasion, and slept heavily against the wall.

A red candle with a letter of joy, a place where lovers will eventually become dependents. Gu Shiyi, in a red dress, is worshiping the heavens with the bride next to him. The day of great joy that was supposed to be happy, I do n’t know why there is no expression, only two lines of silent tears reveal He opened his head, and carefully dressed Xueji looked at him.
Gu Shi suddenly awakened from his dream, looking around, without the auditorium and the cave house, Xueji was still asleep by the side, everything was the same.

Xueji was awakened by a knock on the door. She was too thick and Minze hurried to go home. They told Xueji that a group of people in black had come to their trouble. At this time, the people in black had arrived at the door and Xueji went out. Check, it turned out that they were the people Li Zhe had sent to help Xue Ji carry luggage. Looking at such a strong position, Gu Shiyi also began to doubt Xue Ji’s identity. Xue Ji heard Gu Shiyi’s question and said to Gu Shiyi meaningfully that if he wanted to know who he was, he would know .

In this way, Xue Ji and Jiang Huai ended their lives with Gu Shi and came to their villa. When moving, Li Zhe also came to help, looking at Xue Ji who had worked hard to find the person in her dream, Li Zhe was very distressed by Xue Ji, and he was more afraid of her being hurt, but Xue Ji was not moved, as long as she found the answer, everything was worth it.
Jiang Huai, who moved into the villa, couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the luxurious villa. He was glad to tour around with his luggage. Xueji and Jiang Huai agreed to clean regularly every week, and they must eat the meal that Jiang Huai himself made. Jiang Huai opened the refrigerator and it was empty, so he went to the supermarket with Xue Ji to purchase.

Gu Shi, who was rehearsing in the practice room, sat absently on the table, resting, staring at the mobile phone, hesitant, being too thick and Minze to see through his mind, Gu Shiyi finally couldn’t hold back, made a phone call, and was working with Xue Huai, a shopping spree with Xue Ji. Gu Shiyi asked Jiang Huai if he had taken his charger by mistake, but Jiang Huai, who had not previously taken the charger, found it in his bag, leaving Jiang Huai scratching his head.

Who knows, this was Gu Shiyi sneaking into the room and putting it in Jiang Huai’s bag as an excuse to meet with Xue Ji. Gu Shiyi, who insisted on personally picking up the charger, rushed to Xue Ji’s house and saw Xue Ji falling asleep on the carpet in the living room. Xueji walked towards the room, halfway to find Xueji already watching him secretly in her arms, and embarrassed Gu Shi tossed Xueji to the bed. Xue Ji was very excited to see Gu Shiyiken willing to come to her. Gu Shiyi intentionally or unintentionally mentioned the dream that night, and did not want to live in the world of dreams and Xueji continue. Excited Gu Shiyi’s center of gravity was unstable, and he fell on Xueji, so the two were so close to each other.

Looking at each other, Gu Shiyi always wanted to end all this early, but looking at the flustered Xueji under her body, even she didn’t know whether this dream should come true. At this time, Mrs. Min was secretly investigating the photos of the girl she was looking for in the hall acceptance party. After checking all the photos, none of them were the girl she was looking for, so she had to re-investigate. For Mrs. Min, the girl would be The person who saves her life is very important. Her unique temperament and extraordinary heart have long been deeply in her mind.

Jiang Huai received a call from her mother while working. If she wants to stay at Jiang Huai’s house for one night, I do n’t know if Xue Ji can agree. Jiang Huai, who is begging for someone, prepares a rich table for Xue Ji. When eating, Jiang Huai Quietly filed this request, Xue Ji heard this request, thinking of the mother Jiang Huai mentioned earlier as a friend with Xue Ji’s mother, could not help hesitating.

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