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Long For You (2017) 我与你的光年距离 Episode 20 End Recap

Li Zhe returned to the living room with a heavy expression, at this time Chunshan and Jiang Huai opened the courier without even knowing it. Seeing Li Zhe’s appearance, the two stopped to inquire about Xue Ji’s situation. After careful consideration, Li Zhe told them the news.

Gu Shiyi also learned the truth on the phone. He rushed over to see Xue Ji, but was blocked by Li Zhe. Xueji is undergoing a medical examination. It’s time for us to do something for Xue Ji.

On a warm Christmas day, the three men set up the living room early in the house. Jiang Huai knocked on the door of Xue Ji. Xue Ji was facing the inspection report, and she patted Xue Ji’s shoulder, urging her to go downstairs. Appreciating Santa Claus, Xueji smiled hard, and ran out as usual. Jiang Huai watched Xueji go far away, and she took off her old smile, lowered her head, and saw the report that Xueji checked out. Xueji went to the balcony, and a Santa greeted him downstairs. Xueji glanced and smiled warmly.

Go out and come to Santa. Santa, what about your Rudolph. It’s so late, why not send gifts to the children. Santa pointed at Xue Ji in front of him.
I am no longer a kid. Santa, your Rudolph is back, so you go back, do n’t come to me again. The moment he turned around, Santa caught Xueji and hugged him tightly. Xueji couldn’t help but leave tears, Shiyi, go, don’t come to me again.

Gu Shiyi removed the beard on his face. “It’s so cold outside, why don’t you wear more clothes?” I said, I won’t leave, I will be by your side.
Xueji hugged even tighter, all of which could have never changed.
Back at home, five people gathered around to celebrate the first and last Christmas reunion.

Everyone wrote a letter and sent it to Xue Ji. Jiang Huai opened his letter and read it: Xueji, for a long time, I do n’t know what life is like without trouble, until I met you, you became a warmer existence than my loved ones, where you want to go in the future, I will accompany you, you want to eat Whatever I do for you. Can you leave?

Thinking of accidental encounter with Xue Ji, Xue Ji took care of herself bit by bit, and before reading it, Jiang Huai had already cried.

Next is Chunshan’s letter, which is also parting and choking with an old friend’s parting. Xueji, can’t you go. Xueji smiled lightly when she heard it. She stopped reading the letter, silently hugged Jiang Huai, who was crying loudly, her thin arms twitched, and at least Xueji’s heart was full of distress.
She continued to smile, walked straight to the room, and waved at her friend. Turned into the darkness, his eyes were red.

Gu Shiyi and Xue Ji were lying on the bed and looked at each other quietly.
Shiyi, do you know? I have always looked down on the world’s desire for long life, but at this time, like them, how much I wish to live on. Maybe I can only live for a few years, maybe I will die tomorrow, or maybe I can live for decades.

Shiyi, I regret it

The tears in Gu Shi’s eyes moved along the tip of his nose to the pillow, and he gently lifted Xue Ji’s cheek:

I will always be here.

Shiyi, I’m sleepy. Tell me a story.

Xue Ji leaned against Gu Shiyi, her voice gradually weakened, her eyes closed gently.

Gu Shiyi opened the book, a story called “The Cat Who Lived A Million Years”

Once upon a time, there was a cat who lived for a million years. He was a beautiful tabby cat. In this million years, one million people petted the cat, and one million people wept for his death. But he never cried. This cat was adopted by the king who loved to wage war, adopted by adventurous sailors, adopted by lame magicians, and died of accidents. When they died, they all cried for the cat. field. Xueji can live for thousands of years, but for a thousand years, she never knew who her life should belong to, and she didn’t know. For those who used to live and die, she should be sad.
Finally, this tabby cat became a wild cat who lived for himself. All female cats admired him, liked him, and did everything possible to get his favor. He always ignored. Until he met the white cat who ignored him. Until Xue Ji met Gu Shiyi who ignored her love.

The two cats met each other for many years and gave birth to a lot of beautiful kittens. Knowing that they had grown up and left, the white cat was gradually getting old. Until the white cat lay beside him, slowly motionless. He had no tears flowing for millions of years, and instantly burst out. After crying, he also lay quietly beside the white cat and never moved.

The story is over.

Gu Shiyi closed the book, and looked at Xueji who closed her eyes calmly, motionless, like falling asleep. Gu Shiyi’s tears burst out instantly.

One year later, Gu Shiyi took the dog to the sea where the two often came, sitting on the beach. Gu Shiyi looked at the sea in front of him, the seagulls hoared above him, and the sea breeze swept across Gu Shiyi’s face. And everything seems to be back to what it was before. On Gu Shiyi’s T-shirt, the little boy with Xueji’s hand-painted print, as always, smiled brightly.

(The end)

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