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Long For You (2017) 我与你的光年距离 Episode 19 Recap

Chunshan played on the court. His ex-girlfriend Lisa asked him to come to his place to find him, and said something very emotional. Chunshan confessed that when the two were together, he was very happy, and he would not forget that time, but Impossible between the two, look forward. Jiang Huai came over, and Chunshan hugged her intimately, and Lisa watched as the two left. Xueji Gu Shiyi, Jiang Huai and Chunshan drove to the beach to play. They were preparing to drive. Li Zhe appeared. He blamed them for not calling himself. They had to squeeze into the car and follow it. Gu Shiyi on the shoulder.

Five people played the truthful adventure. Li Zhe lost the adventure. Chunshan suggested that he play mouth-to-mouth with any person on the field. Li Zhe wanted to find Xue Ji, and Gu Shi immediately came forward when he saw something bad. Completed this adventure with Li Zhe and watched everyone. Gu Shiyi feels sorry for Xue Ji, it is difficult to live alone for thousands of years, but Xue Ji said that she was brave when she was alone and happy at this moment, so everything is worth it. Gu Shiyi said that he would never let her leave Yourself. Tao Taode told Xue Ji Yuhan that she was dead. The autopsy revealed that although her appearance was very young, her internal organs were already aging, and she died of normal aging. Xueji thought of her recent performance and was down. Gu Shiyi found that Xue Ji was alone at the coast and was in a daze.

In the face of his concerns, Xue Ji suddenly asked for a breakup. Gu Shiyi did not understand why Xue Ji became this, but Xue Ji firmly said that Don’t need him, leave by car. Wu Xueji asked Tao De the question of whether current medicine can cure himself, but failed to get an optimistic answer. After Li Zhe came back, she learned from Tao De the cause of the fear in her heart. He comforted Xue Ji that he would think of a way and proposed to tell Gu Shiyi about it. He was not fragile in imagination.

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