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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 20 Recap

Hu Qianyu and Hu Xin returned to Hu’s house. Hu Xin sighed, because of the hacker, Hengsheng lost all the information. Only 2 people can save Hu Qianyu now. One is Qiao Li. As the second largest shareholder of Hengsheng, Qiao Li also agreed to the company’s appropriation and compensation, and the matter would be resolved.

There is another person named Zhang Huainian. If Zhang Huainian withdrew the lawsuit directly, everything would be solved. In the meeting room of the Chen Group, Hu Xin pushed open the door of the meeting room with a strong attitude. Only Zhang Huainian and the secretary were present in the meeting room. Hu Xin, Hu Qianyu and Yao Junmo were seated. The situation on both sides is tense.

Hu Xin told Zhang Huainian that as long as he withdrew the lawsuit without delaying the construction period of Hengsheng in Hong Kong, he was willing to pay the money into the Chen Group in batches after the project was completed. Zhang Huainian refused. He said that Chen owns the intellectual property rights of the entire “Digital Home Project”. Hengsheng is an illegal act. Why did he withdraw the lawsuit? Hu Xin’s hotel room, when Hu Qianyu came back, Hu Xin anxiously told Hu Qianyu that Yao Yao was going to divorce. Hu Qian was surprised, and at this moment, Yao Yichen called.

Yao Yichen told Hu Xin that Yao Yao not only wanted to divorce, but also married Qiao Li. No matter how he asked, he couldn’t ask why. Hearing Qiao Li’s name, Hu Qianyu looked cautious. Hu Xin hung up the phone and told Hu Qianyu that they must return to Shenzhen immediately. Hu Qianyu nodded.

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