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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 19 Recap

Hu Qianyu, living alone, stared out the window lonely and absent-mindedly. Hu Xin rushed to tell Hu Qianyu that Zhang Huainian’s Chen company was developing a “digital home apartment” and that the board of directors would now sue Hu Qianyu for the crime of divulging business secrets. Hu Qianyu was surprised, but instantly he knew that this must be what Lin Weiling did.

Hu Xin asked Hu Qianyu if all of this was a ghost behind Lin Weiling. A while ago, Lin Weiling and Yao’s family were very close, and even the investors were introduced by Lin Weiling. All this shows that Lin Weiling and Qiao Li have a hard-to-understand relationship. The last Hong Kong incident was Lin Weiling playing tricks behind the scenes. This time the “digital home apartment” must also be what Lin Weiling did.

Hu Xin scolded Hu Qianyu for being mistaken by the beauty in the end, and the entire Hengsheng was about to be interrupted by Hu Qianyu. Hu Qianyu did not want to involve Lin Weiling. He was frank and willing to bear all the consequences. He told Hu Xin that the next solution was the most important.

Lin Weiling avoided everyone and hid, Qiao Li called. Qiao Li told Lin Weiling that he gave Zhang Huainian the “Digital Family Plan” she had handed in. Zhang Huainian is missing after playing with Hu Qianyu, but how come you have also disappeared.

Lin Weiling told Qiao Li on the phone that he would be quiet for a few days. Qiao Li told Lin Weiling that Hu Xin had lost not only Hengsheng but also his precious son. He hoped that Lin Weiling could be quiet as soon as possible and then come to the world to take office. After speaking, Qiao Li hung up.

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