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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 18 Recap

In the early morning of the next day, the news media suddenly broke out that the Yao’s game consoles had poor heat dissipation and burned out the CPU. The TV station had received complaints from hundreds of people.

Newspapers, the Internet, and even the prosperous street TV walls repeatedly broadcast the “Quality Gate” incident of Yao’s enterprise. Yao Junmo approached Li Muchen for technical help. During the conversation with Yao Junmo, Li Muchen learned that Lin Weiling introduced Yao Junmo to the investment company, and doubts arose in his mind.

At this moment, Yao Junmo suddenly received a call from Secretary Yao Yichen. It turned out that the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to stop reviewing Yao’s listing qualifications due to the quality gate incident. Yao Junmo and Li Muchen hurried back to the Yao Group after bidding farewell.

Hu Qianyu and Lin Weiling returned to the apartment where they lived together. Hu Qianyu asked Lin Weiling how it feels to have a one-day date. Lin Weiling said frankly that he was very satisfied. Lin Weiling thanked Hu Qianyu for making herself an ordinary girl for a day, and Hu Qianyu was also moved.

The two escalated their ambiguity, and Lin Wei-zero even wanted to take further action under the emotion. Hu Qianyu restrained himself, he hugged Lin Wei tightly. At dawn the next day, Hu Qianyu woke up.

Lin Weiling, who hugged and slept last night, has disappeared. The morning light shines on the silent living room, and people go to the empty building. Hu Qianyu seemed to know that Lin Weiling had left him, his eyes revealed uncontrollable pain.

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