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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 17 Recap

Outside Yao’s house, Yao Junmo drove Lin Weiling to the Yao’s mansion. As soon as the two got out of the car, they saw the nanny looking and shouting anxiously in front of the door. Yao Junmo asked the babysitter what happened at home. The babysitter told Yao Junmo that because he was preparing dinner to entertain the guests, he forgot to close the door when he came and went. As a result, Grandma Yao didn’t know when she left the house.

Yao Junmo and Lin Weiling were shocked when they heard that, Yao Junmo ran out to find his grandmother before he could blame the nanny. Lin Weiling was alone around yelling for Grandma Yao. Suddenly, she heard a dog barking. Lin Weiling followed the sound and saw Grandma Yao sitting on a tall stone step, avoiding the vicious dog in horror. At this moment, the vicious dog was about to take the opportunity to pounce, and Lin Weiling, who was injured, did not forget about it. Hold Grandma Yao tightly.

Finally, at a critical moment, Yao Junmo arrived and drove away the vicious dog. It turns out that Yao Junmo also came with the barking of the dog, and Lin Weiling was watching the process of saving Grandma Yao in spite of herself. The Yao family’s banquet is very lively. Yao Junmo took Lin Weiling to attend, and Hu Qianyu took Yao Yao to appear.

The people next to him kept praising the two pairs of beautiful women, and the four had their own thoughts. For the first time, Yao Yichen stopped avoiding his son Yao Junmo and introduced everyone to him. Yao Junmo showed charm everywhere in social, and everyone sighed that the tiger father has no dogs.

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