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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 16 Recap

Hengsheng Company, Logistics Department. Lin Weiling brought the box to the new department to report. The logistics department is on the second basement of Hengsheng Company, and the office is small and without sunlight. Lin Weizhi couldn’t put things down, so he stuffed it under the table.

Lin Wei Zero Action mechanically cleaned up the dusty desk, his eyes dimmed. Lin Weiling asked Qiao Li about the next plan, and Qiao Li discussed countermeasures with her. Qiao Li pointed out that Yao Yichen’s company’s recent listing is a good opportunity, and the breakthrough is Yao Junmo, who is constantly pursuing Lin Weiling. Hu Zhai and Hu Qianyu are in a great mood after completing the “Digital Family Apartment” plan.

He got up early in the morning and prepared breakfast for Hu Xin himself. Hu Xin got up and went to the dining room. Seeing his son Hu Qianyu’s hearty and loving breakfast, he couldn’t help showing a gratified smile on his face. Lin Wei ran to the old place where he was feeding the cats again, and met Li Muchen while holding a can of food.

This is the first time the two met alone after Hu Qianyu took Lin Weiling away. Lin Weiling saw Li Muchen feel a little at a loss. On the contrary, Li Muchen greeted Lin Weiling generously, and handed the cat food to Lin Weiling to feed the wild cats hiding around.

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