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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 15 Recap

Hengsheng and Xu Ran came to Hengsheng to shoot commercials for the endorsed electronic products. Xu Ran took the opportunity to return Hu Qianyu’s coat and came to Hu Qianyu’s office. When Xu Ran saw Lin Weiling, he declared that his assistant could not come today because of something, and whether he could borrow from Hu Qian, Hu Qian agreed.

At the scene, Xu Ran, a woman’s sixth instinct, knew Hu Qianyu’s special feelings for Lin Weizero. On the surface, she was amiable to Lin Weizero, but let Lin Weiling always help the lighting engineer in charge of difficult tasks such as lighting, and hinted at the director, constantly Dijang readjusted the lights, Lin Weiling ran around, the wire was accidentally broken by heavy objects, sparks appeared, and Lin Weiling was injured all at once.

Hu Qianyu brought Wang Shuwei to the filming site to inspect the scene and just saw this scene. The scene was filled with smoke and everyone was preempting Xu Ran. Xu Ran walked to Hu Qianyu and told him that he was frightened and wanted to seek comfort, but he did not expect Hu Qianyu to push him away angrily. The next officer took Lin Weiling away. Everyone on the court was shocked.

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